The Vegito Blue Conspiracy

The Problem.
Vegito Blue has broken the Meta, creating a scenario where if your not running a Vegito Blue you are probably going to lose.

The Solution.
The Greatest Answer to Vegito Blue other than running Vegito Blue yourself, is Zenkai 7 Buu, His Kit and Stats can lock out Vegito Blue consistently. I’ve been running Regen this and Last season and many players will opt not to bring Vegito Blue into the fight.

The Conspiracy.
They must want Vegito Blue to rule the Meta because

  1. They Rereleased all Zenkai Fighters Except Buu
  2. They Remodeled The Zenkai System Except For Originals ( No one is going to Zenkai Buu now even if they could for 21K when in Nov it will be 7K)
  3. When you can Zenkai Buu for 7K ,Vegito Blue will no longer be a problem.
    So Effectively they have stopped the players utilising one of the few characters that can counter Vegito Blue Effectively.

Zenkai Duo.
This combination of Zenkai Buu and Zenkai Kid Goku with 21 to deal with Kefla or Shenron to deal with Rage Trunks I would rank in Z-Tier with Fusions, Future and GodKi.

Ex Super warriors > future/god ki

Tien can tank VB all day

Yeah Super Warriors with Vegito Blue can counter him pretty effectively*

Re-released Goku Black Zenkai still No Fat Buu also released New God Blue Goku (RED), A Regeneration annihilator, they only need to Zenkai SS3 Pur Goku and this conspiracy will be legit.
So many counters to Regeneration popping up but nothing for Vegito Blue.

V jump Scan Reveals next Legends Rising banner releasing end of this month to have movie Saga Turles and Goku…the Goku having increased damage against Regeneration.

I think they are trying to completely kill regen before they re-release Zenkai Fat Buu.

And don’t forget about the legends limited super vegito which comes with the blue vegito as in fusion team
This pur vegito is designed to be a nightmare for buuhan and the fat buu also works in this case