The visual overhaul looks great

Im talking about the site. Seriously it looks great. :feh_rein:


Yeah I thought something looked different! Looks great

I like the total mats for servants being moved vertically now.


Really happy with the work of the GamePress staff. Things are getting much nicer looking and easier to follow/read. Looking forward to what other changes are to come :slight_smile:

I know right? After maint everything in the game looks brighter.

Oh wait… that’s just the sparkle of all the QP I’m GRINDING ENDLESSLY!!!



It’s like Nerofest never ended for me, Bride was promoted into the door kicking squad with Mordred and stand-in Helena cause I can’t field Tamamo and all the buff CE’s until my Herc reaches bond 10.

@iori and @NorseFTX

Looks neat and great, really. Except for the part where the first thing I checked when I woke up was the BRIGHT new Gamepress. The damage can’t be undone.

Oh, is it much brighter than before? I wonder if we could finally get that night mode @iori

Hint hint.

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Haha i remember asking for a dark theme

I feel like when i looked at a servants page there was a new section added where it tells you the total amount of mats needed for both Ascension & Skill upgrades, but when i look now it is gone…Did i image that?

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