The wolf queen I wanted to +10 merge today and deserved it

Hello Summoners! :feh_nix:

It’s been a while since I +10 merged OG Nailah. I remember back then when she was for the majority fodder while I was one of the few simping for her and became a +10 merge project for me. I was less excited for Bridal Nailah though, but honestly I’m not the biggest fan of bridal banners and besides that, Rafiel got his debut so he kinda stole the show and she was like “let’s get the one copy and go on” for me. Doesn’t stopped me to use a forma soul for Bridal Nailah and build her up though. :smiley:

But last year Nailah got such a great alt. Really loved the hatari alt version of her and thought, alright she’s definitely a +10 merge project but didn’t had the orbs back then to go further than the spark road. The DSH banner, which also had Young Soren in the Colorless pool, helped me to get some copies of her sniping for red and colorless. Yeah Young Soren is also gonna be a +10 project so April will be also awful for me, but back to the wolf queen.

The day before, as mentioned yesterday, I got really lucky and got from the red pool a Hatari Nailah as my free seasonal 2022. But now, finally the day has come where many of my orbs (most of them f2p) go down to oblivion. I had +1700 orbs and I knew this is gonna be a big summoning session so for Nailah simping, I decided to make a summoning video the first time.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Road to +10 Hatari Nailah - YouTube

Don't expect too much though it's a simple summoning video without my voice because you surely don't hear my shitty voice and bad english. :D It's a very long video, so if you don't want to watch it, I completely understand that. So if you want to know my results directly and skip the video click here

Oh boy I’m so glad I got yesterday a free copy of her. Getting the 6 copies of her was pretty hard, especially the third one in the middle of my summoning session. I had so many wheels without a red one, it’s like IS was watching me and knew what I wanted and just said, let’s give him again 3-5 wheels in a row without a red orb. Also, my first pity breaker was a Midori, yes I jinxed that in the orb lounge thread and knew it’s gonna happen. I’m so glad she is a 4 star special soon.

But now to make it short (as if haha) here the whole list what I got

  • Midori (+HP/-Atk)
  • Rinkah (+Def/-Atk)
  • Hatari Nailah merge
  • Galzus (+Def/-HP)
  • Hatari Nailah merge
  • Gregor (+HP/-Atk)
  • Hatari Karla (+Def/-Res)
  • A!Mareeta (+HP/-Atk)
  • Hatari Azura/Leanne (+HP/-Def)
  • Hatari Nailah merge
  • Hatari Nailah merge
  • Catherine (+Def/-Atk)
  • Hatari Nailah merge
  • Fallen Morgan M (+Atk/-Def)
  • Hatari Nailah merge

4 star specials:

  • Nah (+HP/-Spd)
  • Surtr (+Res/-Def)
  • Leo (+HP/-Res)
  • Alm (+Def/-Res)
  • Sigurd (+Atk/-Res)
  • Mage Eirika (+HP/-Res)

Don’t remember what IVs the six remaining Hatari Nailah had but it didn’t really mattered for me and immediately merged them after I finally got my last copy. You can see them at the end of the video though if you want to know.

I lost 901 orbs on this banner, pretty much expected it and again, can be really grateful for the free one yesterday.

But well, here she is:

I love her art, but please IS, don’t do another Nailah alt for a very, very long time. I need to recovery from today for a long time. ^^

Nailah simps :wink:


Congrats :smiley:

It’s always a pleasure to +10 a favorite :smiley:

6x copy with 900 orbs is ok^^ :smiley:


Long live the Queen <333

Congrats!! So good to she you did it! I already spoiled myself the results but I’ll give a watch to the video later anyway :raised_hands:t3: It look like it cost you a big amount of orbs, but I hope it feels worthy!


Awesome and congrats on finishing her! :catclap:


Congrats ! I love her myself and definitely plan on trying to finish mine,currently +5 with a lucky free summon this morning for +6.




Congratulations with your Hatari Nailah


Congrats! Happy to see you finished her! :fgo_bradamantewow:

Probably feels good to have her done :fgo_ereshwoah:


Congratulations! She’s looking fierce!

Not bad in 901 orbs too.


She looks amazing! Congrats for your well deserved +10 Nailah!


Pulled the final 2 copies during the last few hrs