The Zenkai Meta is Here!- Dynamic Duo's


The Vegito Blue Meta which we had to suffer through has finally come to an end. Yes we are still seeing Vegito Blue and He is on one of the most Top tier teams we have available. However there has risen a number of contenders that are quite capable of shutting Him down and holding their own.


In recent weeks we have been inundated wtih Zenkai Fighter after Zenkai Fighter. The Result has been a huge diversity of teams that are seeing competitive play. All of these teams that have risen to power have one common Element .
Each of these teams have Two Zenkai 7 Fighters as their Core.

The New META


FSK Legends Road




I have no Crystal Ball. I don’t know what fighters are going to be Zenkai Awakened next. However if we follow this trend that an outdated team to see relative competitive play requires at least 2 xZenkai Fighters then it stands to reason that if either of these two teams receive an additional Zenkai Fighter they may see META relevancy in the near Future. An interesting thing to note is that these two teams also share TAGS.



It is clear to see the direction that Dragon Ball Legends is taking. The only Team that was relevant a month ago Team Vegito Blue is now the only Team that is relevant and does not have 2x Zenkai Fighters. Love it or Hate it Zenkai is the Future of Legends.

Yeah. You are right.
“In recent days, the peace has been stolen away because someone stole the power of unlimited Combos inside the teams of Fusion Warrior. His name is ‘Vegito Blue’”. (Way too hyped for Attack on Titan s4).
Zenkai Awakening is the key to stopping Vegito Blue. The top tier Fusion team consists of Vegito Blue, Super Vegito. (yel) and Kefla. So, to counter that, we can easily use Z7 LF Gohan, Zenkai Ssj2 Gohan and Ssj Kioken Goku or Ssj RoC Goku.
Zenkai ‘is’ the future of Legends. I think when they drop Goten and Trunks, they are gonna bring another Zenkai unit (possibly LoE or Vegeta Family).
What are you thoughts on Zenkai Legends Road Gotenks’ release date? Will he arrive after the next update or when the next LF Drops? Either way, always hyped for F2P Zenkai.

In Regards to Legends Road Gotenks Zenkai releasing he is due actually very soon.

However they did re-release Zenkai Kid Goku and may re-release Legends Road Trunks also.

If FSK Teams received another Legends Road Fighter they would.

  1. Have a Strong Defensive wall For LF Gohan
  2. Have a Z-ability Bonus pushing close to 4000

It would become the undisputed Meta team being able to stop Vegito Blue it’s only troublesome threat and having the highest Z-Ability amongst teams.
This would Fix FSK Teams main two weaknesses, leaving only strengths.

If they did release him tomorrow I’d drop all my crystals to get as many dupes for LF Gohan as possible.

However I’m not sure if Bandai know what His impact will be and are delaying his release on purpose.
With All the Zenkai Fighters being released they do need more free to play Zenkai fighters that are competitive for F2P players even have a chance.

I think releasing another Legends Road Fighter of another colour would appease F2P players and not make the most used team in PVP currently absolutely broken.
But legends rarely makes decisions the community need so I’m as interested to see what’s going to happen as you are.