Thea got demoted!

I knew they’d have a demote for this banner.

Thea… You mean Vanguard fodder?


@Krazytre Yes.

Yeah, vanguard fodder in 4* pool, that’s good.


That’s good. Another blue flier is in the 4* pool.

At least it’s good fodder.


True. We have a vanguard fodder and steady posture (altough reyson already have it)

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Bless, I can patch her Atk Bane. :pray:

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Ah sweet! Finn will appreciate the Vanguard.

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I am really thinking of starting a merge project with her.

If I only had feathers… or Thea.


I’d rather sack a Thea for Steady Posture than Reyson so this is good for me.

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My Clive shall grow ever stronger.

Vanguard Fodder in the 4-star pool

+7 Defense Cordelia intensifies!

Excellent, my +10 Lukas craves more defense.

Cool,A Blue Flier That I Will Never Use

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… And somehow she pitybroke me when sniping for F!Berkut… at 5 star…

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Can we get an f in the chat for a fallen brother?

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I’d rather have a Fallen Berkut, but an F will do…

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F is for F Berkut


I got a notification from a post made a month ago.

look on the bright side, at least you have Seal SPD/DEF fodder.

Wait…I mean, Vanguard is a pretty good lance.