Thea’s Progress (So, far...)

Hey, it’s Loresome. This topic is a follow-up to my previous topic about Thea. So, check that out for context. Thanks!

I promised I’d work on Thea and here’s my progress:

Again, I’d like to emphasize this, she isn’t my new merge project. I just thought it’d be nice to use her, considering I only have 1 lance unit and barely any fliers that are 5-star.

So, that’s my progress. What do you think? While I am going to follow through with my build idea, I’m willing to see other Thea builds too. Thanks!


It’s certainly an interesting build. Mixed phase? Might I suggest a brazen if you have one available.

Also, Thea has fairly good mixed bulk. But I don’t know how many enemy phase and player phase units you have so :man_shrugging:

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Also, what sucks is that she’s near identical to my B! Tanith… which I already didn’t use.

Her res is significantly higher. But you can run her as a specialized unit. This is a build that I have that runs on a similar concept. I used to run Desperation in the B slot, but his defense got to the point where I didn’t need it anymore