Thematic teams

I had the randomnest idea while going through 2nd archive: how about assembling some new thematic teams, aside from the standard “all Liz” or “all Jeannes” team?
Here are my experiments. Anyone feels like sharing theirs?

From left to right: stalker 1, stalker 2, stalker 3, Ara ara, Maa maa.

Left to right: captain 'murica, Hawkeye, Hulk smashu, Black widow, Iron man/Thor’s hammer.

Left to right: captain America, Iron man’ish, Hulk, Thor, Widow.

Left to right, Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Flash, Aquaman.

Left to right: Ora ora, Dio, Muda muda, some other Jojo reference, “Here’s where I’d put Chiron…If I had him!”


For those of you playing at home, summer Martha can also be substituted with Ozy, Andersen, or Mephy.

I can’t make it, but



Egyptians, STAND UP.

Effectively, Stand Users. Oh, and Summer Martha and Mash. Cause Mash’s Stand is a Castle Town. And Osakabehime.

Of course we’ve long since had all the F/SN Servants: but with the arrival of Parvati, you can now have almost the entire Master roster from F/SN, in at least one form or other: EMIYA, Rinshtar, Sakuravati, Mahou Shoujo Illya, and Medea (she’s Assassin’s Master!). Only Kuzuki and Kirei are missing, and you only have five slots anyway.

If you pick Rider Ishtar, I’d say you have a fairly balanced team, class-wise: Archer, Lancer, Rider, and two Casters, not a bad mix of damage and support too, with a few hard Evasion skills in there.

(Of the actual Servants , I have an Alter version of Artoria but not the original.)

Honestly, that’s a good take on the Egyptian servants, and I really wish we had more of them.

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There you go.


I’m probably the only person who never watched any Jojo, but…Is this what you had in mind?


This is a bit out of the left field, but how about… Midgets or fairly small servants as a team theme :stuck_out_tongue: ? Jack and Rhyme and Janta would work too, but wanted to use some of the less common choices.

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now give them all bond ces

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Stheno bond CE
Are you evil? :anchin_sama:

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Impossibru o.o! Unless someone photoshops those in :(

Actually when I’m waiting for 2-3 AP to refill, I like to play and assembly thematic teams :smiley:
I didn’t expect that someone likes to do it too
I’m always trying my best to find CEs that fit given theme
Okay, so let’s begin~

Grand Order

Illustrated by pako (both servants and CEs)

Orchid Words Arc
winks to Extella players

Moon Holy Grail War
I don’t have Li Shuwen, Emiya and Tamamo, I missed Shiki
There’s no CE that features Alice, CEs with Run Ru and Julius are atm JP-only content
Big oof.

Far Side of The Moon
Same struggles as with Extra + don’t have Gil, Kiara and Lip
However I do have Melt but #not enough party space
Also, because Ex CCC team has so many options, I used Photoshop to kick the support

Knights of The Round Table
I guess I should add Merlin and Mashu (because of Galahad) but again, no space
Agravain when


Rome is great
And yes, Spassy is a Roman heroic spirit

Might add some teams from JP because there I have some servants I don’t have here, on NA


Now that I have king Hassan, I am tempted to make a full Hassan team

Just kinda wondering what to do with that last servant slot and how to synergize well with CE
Maybe ‘Conversation on the Hot Sands’ for Old man, and having the others focus on star gen to have him buster meme to victory.

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Fill whole party with Merry Sheep :laughing:

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Honestly, that CE ain’t bad to put on Serenity or Thousand Faces.
Is that comming this xmas in NA?

Mine’s a team where Grandpa Yagyu is watching three men :fgo_buster:

Enkidu just happened to pass by.

theme team

support merlin

Yep, it is
It’s a lotto currency drop CE so you should easily get 2 MLB

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Those are support lists, but you can just take a few to make a team out if it.