Themed Teams

With tier 3 raids all being doable for me now and t5s just being a matter of getting enough people, I’ve started allocating resources to making a bunch of Great League viable pokemon because I think it’s the most fun/diverse league.
To add some fun I’ve been trying to come up with themed teams to mess around with. I present you my dancing/moving team and my mustached fighters. Will they net me a lot of wins? No. Will my opponents even notice the themes? Also no. Will I giggle at my 1 win I pull off per set of 5? You bet. Trying to build a Femme Fatale team of Frosslass, pink Jellicent, and Nidoqueen.
Does anyone else make teams like this or have years of playing this and a year of lockdown finally made me looney?


Great! This is what I also enjoy. Did some coloured/female themes, but the moustache thing is so great!!!

I love themed teams, that’s partly why I really like the special cups! I also had decent luck running all shinies in open GL but I generally get frustrated with a prolonged loss streak when I know I can do better. I vaguely remember running a bugs team right before the Halloween cup…and it did far better than it had any right to! :stuck_out_tongue:

You could try a team of “wearing clothes”: Frosslass, Hitmon/Machamp/Haryama/Infernape, Gardevoir/'zam. Or maybe throw in Raichu-in-a-hat.

I made a Weather Ball team when it was first released so not many Pokemon had it. It had glaring weaknesses but it was fun to spam charge moves.

1 vote for Gothitelle on femme fatale team.

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Yeah it’s tough to turn off the competitive side to try the fun teams for an extended time. I think i might just throw them into the first 1 or 2 of each set. That way if i win one it’s a bonus, if i lose it’s not insurmountable to make a decent set out of it

@Squiffy Oh yeah I forgot about her even though I have one ready for GL, will definitely include

Maybe add kricketune to the mustache team, then you have at least one member not weak to fighting :D

True, I noticed Swalot has a wispy lil blond stache too…or at least something that resembles one

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Male Jellicent.

Didn’t even realize his whole face is stache

If anyone watches ZyoniK’s YouTube videos he likes to “BOOM” when a hard hitting charge move lands, usually Hyper Beam. I was going to look at a Beam Team but there are only three unique beams, Hyper, Solar, and Ice, and Ice Beam isn’t a nuke. You could double up on HB or SB though.

Dazzling Gleam: Am i joke to you?[quote=“Sir_Gwibbles, post:12, topic:98897, full:true”]
I I was going to look at a Beam Team but there are only three unique beams

Dazzling Gleam: Am i joke to you?

I suppose I can rename it the Beam Gleam Team. Or perhaps go bigger with Meme Beam Gleam Team.


Ah lol, its Gleam, not Beam. But Clefable with Charge Beam would be legit :smiley:

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There are also Bubble Beam, Aurora Beam, Signal Beam and Psybeam.
Ball Team: Energy Ball, Gyro Ball, Shadow Ball, Weather Ball.
Blast Team: Fire Blast, Rock Blast, Focus Blast, Techno Blast, also Blast Burn, Aeroblast and Moonblast.
Bomb Team: Seed Bomb, Mud Bomb, Magnet Bomb, Sludge Bomb.
Cannon Team: Hydro Cannon, Zap Cannon, Flash Cannon.
No need to say Fang Team and Punch Team. Keep this list going!

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Yeah but that’s a Fast move. @Elastic_Space I forgot about Bubble Beam but that’s less of a nuke than Ice Beam. The other Beams on your list exist but no one uses them.

Arguably most of the “beams” suck. Bubble Beam and Ice Beam are the only decent ones TBH.

That’s…ballsy! :laughing: Seriously though, I like these ideas. Might steal them if I get bored.

Just when I was thinking my​ only way back into GBL would be to try some meme teams, you make this post and give me some good ideas :grin::grin:

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Dr. Robotnik’s Meme Beam Gleam Team Machine