Theorycraft: What starter would you give a PVP Centric 2nd Comm Day Move

The reality is Com Day moves are so good for starters I don’t see them giving them up in PVP.

Which means 2nd Move is about options and coverages.

Blastoise is an odd one, while Aura Sphere is going to make it a beast against Registeel, lacking Ice Beam is going to hurt against Giratinas. In another words, adding a Coverage Move there doesn’t feel like a big deal because it already had one.

I only looked for a couple, but the only one that stood out to me was Dragontail on Meganium. Anyone think of any others that they could add to a Starter from its movepool that would change the Pokemon?

Personally, I don’t like the idea of re-doing a Pokémon for Community Day. For one thing, it could make it really messy in December for a rerun (which we all hope is still on the calendar). That said, I love theorycrafting so here’s my thoughts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Typhlosion - Thunder Punch

Infernape - Power-up Punch or Counter (would be a tankier Blaziken)

Empoleon - Icy Wind

Torterra - Rock Slide (going to have a rough time w/out a quicker fast move tho)

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I’d actually look at giving Torterra Vine Whip or Bullet Seed - it’s biggest issue is its energy generation and, whilst it would still be second place to Venusaur, it could at least become a grass type with steel hunting on the side.
Looking forwards, I’d definitely consider giving Serperior something other than Frenzy Plant. Leaf Blade is plenty good with Vine Whip for a grass type, so maybe something that helps it fend off fire types or other grass types - Aerial Ace is… well, Aerial Ace, frankly.

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Honestly. None of them.

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Problem with Torterra is that Razor Leaf is currently the only STAB move it learns in the MSG. It would be great if Niantic added more fast moves, especially Ground-type (which could help Torterra become a useful dual-type 'mon). Some 'mon just don’t got a lotta love in PoGO… :frowning: * cries in Ho-Oh *

Serperior is setup quite well frankly. Aerial Ace is off-type and quick enough to deal neutral damage against most of what otherwise walls it (flying, bug, poison, grass, fire, etc). But if you’re looking for different coverage moves, Twister and Aqua Tail would also do well (though not against fellow grass-types).

On another note, its weird how some moves are given to almost every 'mon…Crunch, Ice Beam, Aerial Ace, Psychic…

Infernape needs a better Fighting fast move but charge move wise, Rock Slide or Stone Edge would give it coverage against Flying. I doubt it would get Stone Edge though because it’s a legacy move on Blaziken. Maybe Thunder Punch instead. That gives it coverage against Water as well (beside Solar Beam).

No, just give us Dragon Rush Garchomp, Sky Attack Staraptor and Tri Attack Porygon Z and make Elite TMs available in research tasks like catch 50 Pokemon.

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And i would nerf Swampert. It doesn’t make sense that it’s a top tier pokemon in EVERY league.

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But that’s a very special pokemon, not a starter. And i agree, i would nerf melmetal as well. Shouldn’t be useful in GL.

Swampert with Hydro Cannon is special like Melmetal.

Not sure why people say that it’s a Budget Choice but it isn’t.

I strongly disagree.

A Hydro Cannon one, which is only available for 3 hours and 3 days. That’s special.

False, it’s available many other times as a pay to win pokemon.

Many other times = 1 CD Box, and 1 Elite TM. Not to say that I CAN go to Rank 7 (Or possibly Rank 9 or 10!) at any time I wish, I just didn’t want to go there frequently.

Tortera gets Bullet Seed and Mud Slap, so that wouldn‘t be an issue. It‘s rather if Niantic ever decides to give Torterra any of them (still waiting for Counter on Infernape…)

Just looked that up because I was curious. Those are “transfer-only moves” that it cannot learn any more in the MSG so I’m not sure what Niantic is allowed to do with those… It would be fantastic if they gave it Mudslap! Be a good replacement for Rhyperior in ML (no Steel weakness) and be actually useful in PvE beyond a Terrakion raid anchor.

Doesnt get wine whip in the main series, but it does get bullet seed.

But as for te main question,

i’d really rather non get another attack. I’d just prefer a permanent move pool addition.

Mud Slap yes, Bullet Seed no. Once we get Torterra in Gen 8, it can learn Bullet Seed via TM. But since Mud Slap is also a transfer only move on Rhyperior and Rhydon and we still have it, I doubt that would be a problem.

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