Theorycraft: What unassigned move would you like to see added to PMG

So move that’s in main game.
Assign it as a Fast Move or Charged Move.
Assign it as a clone of some existing move.
Then explain thoughts of what pokemon would benefit or why you made it.

Heres mine:
Double Kick – Double Kick | Pokémon moves | Pokémon Database
Fast Move & Type Fighting:
Clone of Psycho Cut

Would benefit the fighting trio as well as giving Blaziken/Hitmolee a spammy play style

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Me likey. There needs to be something for fighters (especially kickers like Terrakion) that isn’t Counter or straight-up garbage.

My choice would be Echoed Voice. Make it something between Flame Charge and Power-up Punch (maybe 40 energy, 60 damage and +Att?). It may be a weird complaint, but I feel like there aren’t many noise-based moves in the game right now and there’s lots of 'mon that use sonic abilities that could be much cooler…

Regarding each type.

Magical leaf as a fast move. it gets learned by the current grass types that lack a grass fast move

Liquidation or Whirpool as water fast moves… and palkia learns both.

Metal burst as a steel fast move and Stel Beam as a steel charge move. Mainly to improve the steel types, although Niantic could just buff the moves they already have too

Rollout as a rock fast move, which unlike Rock throw and Smackdown would be more energy focused, making it quite different from the previous two.

Smog as a fast poison move for the koffing family.

Poltergeist as a ghost charge move. And a good one, mainly so that Shadow ball wasn’t the default move to make this type viable.

Double kick as a fighting fast move and make it maybe just slightly worse than counter. Mega luppony and the swords of justice know it.
Revenge too, that one is learned by Gallade, swords of justice and a plethora of other pokemon.

Bug types have a plethora of moves already and just need buffs to the charge moves.

Out of these listed here, I’d go for Liquidation probably as the most wanted.


We already have low kick, wich would see a rework some day in the future, possibly low damage and high energy generation to differentiate it from counter. 2 useless megas (atm) and meloetta already have access to it.

And speaking of reworks, rock tomb and bulldoze need a debuff chance at least, a lot of underdogs (and poor vigoroth) would love it

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Wow, what a huge question. My answer is based on PvE, but many mon learning the new moves can benefit in PvP. Signature moves are excluded.

Grass type:
Petal Dance - clone of Outrage - Vileplume, Bellosom, Sunflora, Cherrim, Lilligant
Wood Hammer - clone of Brave Bird - K/A-Exeggutor, Torterra, Abomasnow, Trevenant

Fire type:
Lava Plume - clone of Discharge - Magmortar
Inferno - clone of Dynamic Punch - Houndoom, Chandelure, Heatmor
Flare Blitz - clone of Brave Bird - Arcanine, Rapidash, Flareon, Darmanitan

Water type:
Whirlpool - clone of Fire Spin - Cloyster, Suicune, Swampert, Wailord, Huntil, Gorebyss, Empoleon, Palkia
Dive - clone of Fly - Dewgong, Wailord, Huntil, Gorebyss

Electric type:
Volt Tackle - clone of Brave Bird - K/A-Raichu

Ice type:
Ice Ball - clone of Power-Up Punch - A-Sandslash, Walrein
Icicle Crash - clone of Rock Slide - Beartic

Rock type:
Rollout - clone of Power-Up Punch - K-Sandslash, K/A-Golem, Omastar, Lickitung/Lickilicky, Miltank
Head Smash - clone of Wild Charge - Aggron, Rampardos
Meteor Beam - clone of Sky Attack - Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Lunatone, Solrock, Cradily, Armaldo, Carracosta, Archeops

Ground type:
Scorching Sands - clone of Scald - Steelix, Krookodile

Bug type:
U-turn - clone of Volt Switch - Yanmega, Accelgor
Steamroller - clone of Body Slam - Scolipede

Poison type:
Poison Tail - clone of Dragon Tail - Seviper, Scolipede, Dragalge

Flying type:
Pluck - clone of Bug Bite - Dodrio, Zapdos, Mandibuzz
Bounce - clone of Fly - Gyarados, Jumpluff, Mantine

Dragon type:
Dragon Hammer - clone of Leaf Blade - A-Exeggutor
Dragon Rush - clone of Meteor Mash - Dragonite, Flygon, Garchomp, Hydreigon

Fighting type:
Mach Punch - clone of Bullet Punch - Hitmonchan, Infernape
Sky Uppercut - clone of Blaze Kick - Hitmonchan, Blaziken, Pangoro
High Jump Kick - clone of Leaf Storm - Hitmonlee, Scrafty, Mienshao
Hammer Arm - clone of Crabhammer - Emboar, Conkeldurr

Ghost type:
Phantum Force - clone of Fly - Drifblim, Mismagius, Golurk, Trevenant, Gourgeist, Hoopa

Fairy type:
Fairy Wind - clone of Water Gun - G-Rapidash, G-Weezing, Mawile, Togekiss, Whimsicott, Aromatisse, Slurpuff, Sylveon

Reworks could/should be its own discussion entirely!
Low Sweep=Bubble Beam
Flash Cannon=Moonblast
Focus Blast=Zap Cannon
Bulldoze/Aurora Beam/Rock Tomb=Icy Wind (give or take some energy, their DPE is the same)*

*most excited about those getting buffed since there’s some 'mon reeeaaallly in need of a better coverage move.

I’ve been thinking there should be another Rock-type move for a while. Smackdown and Rock Throw are too similar.

Liquidation has stats most similar to Energy Ball or Earth Power so I see it being a clone of one of those.

A second, good Ghost-type chargemove would be neat. Maybe something like Poltergeist as a 3-bar move in PvE since lots of Ghosts are glassy? That said, its main-line stats are more in line with something nukey like Stone Edge.

Steel moves just need a buff IMHO, at least in PvP (esp. Metal Claw and Heavy Slam).

Ditto the comment on Bug-type. Buff the damage on Fury Cutter or Bug Bite and they’d be in business! I think they should be treated similar to Grass, being that there are loads of common stuff that resist their moves so a little extra damage isn’t OP.

I’m starting to think that someone at niantic is using this forum as inspiration.


Sacred Fire, Magical Leaf and Double Kick? Potential happy Ho-Oh/Entei/Celebi/Shaymin/Terrakion/Mega Lopunny/Hitmonlee noises. Hitmonlee could become good… if it also gets a better Charge Move (High Jump Kick?). And seeing that Keldeo already has Low Kick, it probably won‘t get Double Kick (anytime soon), but maybe Secret Sword will be even better than Sacred Sword as compensation?

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Secret sword. Great!

Better elite tm to stomp as long as you can. Niantic forgot to remove that from the elite tm movepool despite being an illegal move haha.

In case it gets removed very soon, then someone from naintic is indeed watching us… so, when will Omastar get the gengar treatment?

LOL!!! :rofl:
Sounds like Double Kick will be a 1-turn move (Watergun clone seems likely IMHO), Sacred Fire as a chargemove, Magic Leaf as a 3-turn, maybe a Firespin kinda move?

For anyone wondering about new movepool changes in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and how they can affect PoGO… Well, they are very disappointing. Very few new moves learned and most are very meh.

Ariados - Bug Buzz
Camerupt - Flame wheel
Dodrio - Wing attack - LMAO
Empoleon - Charm, Water gun
Fearow - Wing attack
Forretres- Bug buzz
Grumpig - Confusion
Honchkrow - Gust
Medicham - Pound, Psybeam
Mismagius - Confusion
Stantler - Lunge
Sunflora - Tackle
Yanmega - Gust

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I sure would love this, yes I would

Don’t forget the Normal types! Normal is often overlooked because it can’t be Super Effective against anything, so a while back I came up with the idea to turn Headbutt into a Normal-type clone of Counter.

Pokémon that can learn it in the main series and could benefit from it in Go include:

Granbull: slightly less energy gains than Snarl but far higher damage output, making it another Charm alternative that would allow this fragile bulldog more access to Charged moves.

Miltank: Massive upgrade. Would likely end up in the top tier, beating Snorlax in many cases (though not in ML or against Ghosts).

Linoone (non-Galarian): Better damage than current favorite Shadow Claw (plus it gets STAB), slightly worse energy gains. Both could be viable choices.

Linoone (Galarian): Slightly less energy gains than Snarl, but damage is much better.

Castform (normal): Slightly worse energy gains than Hex, but hits much harder with STAB.

Bibarel: Strictly better stats than Water Gun, also getting STAB. Typing is worse against some targets but better against others (especially other Water-types and Altaria).

Rampardos: Gives up STAB from Smack Down, in return for slightly faster energy gains. Given Rampardos’ squishiness this could potentially be beneficial.

Beheeyem: Very similar scenario to Rampardos—give up STAB (from Confusion) for better energy gains on a squishy Pokémon.

Furfrou: Massive upgrade: energy generation is the same as current favorite Sucker Punch, but damage is much higher and now gets STAB. Furfrou would be useful for more than just their looks now.

Melmetal: Less energy than Thunder Shock (its only current option) but much higher damage, though neither gets STAB. Would allow for a different style of play.

Dubwool: The whole reason I came up with this idea in the first place—Dubwool is a nice looking Pokémon but it got short-changed in the fast move department. Giving it Counter would change that, but giving it Headbutt as a Counter clone with STAB would too.

Obstagoon: This one is interesting because it already knows Counter itself. As a Counter clone, Headbutt would distinguish itself by getting STAB, though generally offering worse coverage (Psychic-type opponents being a notable exception).

In addition, if we allow Pokémon that can only learn Headbutt through TM/HM or breeding in the main series, then we could have other options:

Tauros and Stantler: Massive upgrade for both.

Dunsparce: Strict upgrade over Bite.

Chansey and Blissey: Finally they’d have a decent fast move, though whether that would make them viable enough for PVP, I’m not sure. Edit: Actually it’d be too much. Better leave them off the list.

Sawsbuck: Direct upgrade from Feint Attack.

Bouffalant: Allows for a different style of play than Mud Shot.

Headbutt is an impressively ubiquitous move in the main series so there are lots of other possibilities as well besides the ones listed here.

There‘s a good reason Chansey and Blissey are stuck with the worst Fast Moves in PvP. With their titanic bulk, they‘d be absolutely busted if they could spam their Charge Moves like that.

OK, fair enough—they shouldn’t get Headbutt, then.

That’s actually the reason I left Snorlax off the list, even though it can also learn Headbutt in the main series. Snorlax is already a top PVP threat even with Lick, so I’m sure giving it a STAB Counter clone would absolutely overpower it.

Miltank also has Body Slam and similar bulk to Snorlax, but its secondary charge move options aren’t as good, so it’s less likely to become overpowered. Snorlax has either Superpower or Earthquake; Miltank has Ice Beam or Thunderbolt. Miltank would always be walled by either Giratina or Steel-types depending on which move is chosen (unless it sacrifices Body Slam), but Snorlax’s access to Earthquake would provide coverage against both. Even with this disadvantage, though, Miltank would still become one of the top competitors if it received Headbutt. Holy cow.

Edit: Here are some more that I just thought of:

Lopunny: Massive upgrade since its current fast moves are bad. It still only has one affordable charge move (Fire Punch), though; the others are extremely expensive. It’s kind of a poor man’s Diggersby.

Basculin: Might help a little compared to Water Gun, since it would offer coverage against foes that resist Water. Still, even Dr. Evil would probably find this sea bass underwhelming.

Persian: Clear upgrade from Feint Attack. Could potentially become very good.

Porygon family: Would offer a completely different style of play compared to Lock-On, relying mainly on fast move damage instead.

Ursaring: Would compete with Counter, but both are probably still outclassed by Shadow Claw in this case.

Mantine: Same energy gains as Wing Attack, and better damage even without STAB. Now Mantine would have a third viable fast move option.

Vigoroth: Yet another contest between Headbutt’s STAB and Counter’s type coverage.

Zangoose and Purugly: May or not provide an advantage over the current Shadow Claw.

Exploud, Delcatty and Ambipom: All are noticeably improved, but none becomes exceptionally good.

Here’s a quirkier idea: Autotomize. In the main series this is a non-damaging Steel-type move that decreases the user’s weight while increasing its speed. The name literally refers to discarding a part of one’s body (like lizards do with their tails).

In Pokémon GO the mechanics of the move would have to be changed, but a fairly easy (and unique) way this could be done is by having it decrease the user’s DEF by 1 stage while increasing its ATK by 2 stages. It would also have to do at least some damage, like all charged moves do in GO. It turns a tank into a glass cannon, which could be beneficial in certain situations. If it were 60 damage for 45 energy, it would be comparable to Lunge but with a different buff/debuff effect.

Pokémon that can learn this move in the main series include Steelix, Aggron, Forretress, Skarmory, Klinklang, and (by breeding) the Geodude and Roggenrola families. Of these, Steelix is one that stands out since its base stats are so defensive, thus Autotomize could significantly “speed it up”. Due to STAB, with the above stats would hit harder than Crunch in neutral matchups, and thus could potentially replace it on Steelix. Forretress is another candidate, and a Sand Tomb/Autotomize combo would be particularly interesting since you could drop your opponent’s DEF while boosting your ATK at the same time, thus turning your fast move (Bug Bite) into an absolute crusher. On Skarmory, Autotomize would offer the side benefit of offering coverage against Rock-types that would resist an all-Flying moveset.

It would be recommended not to use Autotomize more than twice during a battle (unless you switch out at some point), since your ATK is already maxed and you’d only get a DEF debuff on the third use.


That’s an interesting thought…would definitely make for some interesting strategies especially on 'mon that have HP>Def. Moves like that tend to get very low damage output though (see Acid Spray). I’m thinking more like 20 damage for 40 energy.

With Florges in the game (but lacking Charm, and unable to learn it in the main series), I got to thinking about other possible Fairy-type fast moves. It’d be interesting if there were one which was more balanced, but also slanted a bit toward energy gains (similar to Shadow Claw in terms of stats).

Fairy Wind is one option—the Florges line can have it, and so can Galarian Rapidash (for which it would probably work better than Psycho Cut), and Galarian Weezing (which is currently stuck with Tackle!) Mawile can learn it too and it would be a major upgrade since its current fast move options are underwhelming. Jumpluff is another candidate, interestingly enough—it would sacrifice a little bit of Bullet Seed’s energy for more damage, and offer coverage against Dragons.

Finally, there are a number of “Charmers” that can also learn Fairy Wind in the main series, so offering a few them a choice between two different fast Fairy moves would present an interesting prospect.