Theorycraft: What unassigned move would you like to see added to PMG

A lot of people in here asked for the same move for ages. Good News is that the move is actually in the game máster (coded in the game) as a fast fairy move, but yet to be released. What are they waiting to make a lot of Pokémon to take a different aproach and stop been dull charmers? Only Niantic knows… or perhaps they just forgot the move is coded and they’ll never release it.

Guess it comes next year valentine’s day ;)
Along with florges CD, haha

But mawile? The fast moves are ok and diverse, it can be a pain with one of the fangs (or even bite) and pp. Problem is it rarely forces any shield, good charged moves are not available.

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I like options. Options make the game more fun. Having Fairy Wind even an Infestation clone would be interesting. Wouldn’t have to be OP to get some decent use (namely Geezing, Florges maybe, and My Little Ponyta). Mawile already has its place as a weird fastmove generalist (pick you flavor) so I doubt it would have much use there as @stativision said.


Curse as a Ghost-type fast move would be interesting. I’m thinking comparable to Charm in terms of stats—that way it would be a stark contrast from Shadow Claw/Hex but still viable.

Runerigus could benefit from a move like this a lot, given its bulk and the potential synergy with Sand Tomb.

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Fury Swipes- Normal Fast Move, make it something like 3DPT, 3.66EPT with a 1-2 Turn rate so it’s quick. A lot of pokemon can use it and would be usable with a better fast move, and it being normal type means it’s stats can be good without being too OP. Pokemon it could help- the Persians, Golduck, Linoones, Barbaracle, Alolan Raticate, Ursaring, Delcatty, Purugly, the Simis. Maybe more but that’s what I found for now.

With those stats, it would be a 3-tutn move, so that would need to be a bit modified to fit 1-turn or 2-turn moves. Also, not so sure on some of the picks. Ursaring has Counter and Shadow Claw, Linoone has Shadow Claw, Galarian Linoone Snarl, Purugly also Shadow Claw I believe, Simisage has Vine Whip and Simisear Fire Spin, so they‘re set rather good on Fast Moves I guess. Gotta agree with the others though, that could be interesting.

Scale Shot could be another option for the dragons out there. It’s a multi-strike move in the main series, which to me sounds like it should be an energy-generating fast move. Maybe 2.5 DPT/4.5 EPT, whereas Dragon Breath and Dragon Tail are slanted more toward damage.

Regidrago could benefit from this move a lot, since it can’t learn Lock-On in the main series and without a similarly energetic fast move it won’t have much of a chance in GO.

Kingdra might, too, since then it could charge up Octazooka (debuff chance) and Outrage (nuke) much faster.

Other Pokémon that can learn this and might benefit from it include Naganadel (depending on what charged moves it ends up getting), Lati@s (makes it easier to charge up their signature moves), Milotic, Sceptile, Lugia, Qwilfish (Johtonian only), and especially Dunsparce.

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For a new mechanic that wouldn’t be too hard to implement, they could add Burning Jealousy. This move is Fire-type (but several Ghost- and Dark-types can learn it too).

In the main series. Burning Jealousy inflicts damage and burns any opponent that has boosted its stats on that turn. Pokémon GO doesn’t have burns, but this move’s effect could easily be translated into GO as follows: if the opponent’s ATK or DEF are currently raised due to a buff, they will be reset back to their base values. (A debuffed opponent will stay debuffed, however). A move like this would help counter Power Up Punch users, for instance, since it would negate the whole reason for using PuP.

Stat-wise, it could be something like 40/55 or 40/60. They could be more generous with the stats in this case because it isn’t an ordinary buff/debuff move.

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Metal Burst operates similarly to Counter in the main series, so it could become a Steel-type Counter clone. Such a move would serve as a very useful foil to Charmers, among other things.

Pokémon that can learn it in the main series and could benefit from it in GO include:

Aggron (possible Aron CD?)
Dialga (maybe for the yet-to-be-released Origin Forme?)
Escavalier (gets STAB, unlike Counter, but typing might be less useful in return)
Zamazenta (Crowned Shield form will get STAB)

While I generally don’t approve of making brand new OP moves (power-creep is a thing), I think Steel-type could use a good fastmove. Only being good against two types and resisted by 4, even a Counter clone wouldn’t be too OP. Plus I’m always in favor of boosting our rock samurai-kiju!

Can more steels learn Bullet Punch? That’s a good one I just don’t see it on things besides Scizor and some fighters who don’t need it

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Nope. Only STAB users are Metagross, Lucario, and Scizor. And its the only good Steel-type fastmove in the game :upside_down_face:

Only good PvP steel fast move. In PvE Metal Claw is better.

Metal claw and steel wing are not bad moves. They are just overshadowed, and steel a very bad move on offense

I’m on the side calling them bad moves. Not really bad. But even if they’d be another typing, let’s say water, which lacks good fast moves and is better offensively, no one would use them.
I’m on the side calling better steel fast moves with caution. But then, everything opposing charmers is ok, isn’t it? :smiley:

Jaj you got a point. Waterfall is usable because surf and hidrocanon are 40 energy cost moves, it wouldnt work otherwise. Charm is busted, an alo-tails dismantled the opponent team to win the final in worlds. Niantic can then upgrade steel like they do with poison? to make even more power creep, not allowing a lot of available options to have play in a competitive way. I prefer they nerf a little bit charm (making a lot of people happy in the process), let steel as it is (a defensive type) and buff the forgoten bug to higer levels (too much dark, fighting and deoxys in the meta imo)

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It might even be possible to nerf Charm just by making it slower. E.g., if they changed it to 5.2 DPT/2 EPT, it wouldn’t be a big downgrade from what it is now in terms of stats alone, but a 5-turn move is still a whole lot more cumbersome than a 3-turn move with everything else being equal. Ask anyone with a CD Talonflame, for instance.

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I’m a big advocate of this: make the duration 1-turn longer but the DPT/EPT stay the same.

It never happened before, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Imagine charm change to a 4 or even 5 turn move with the damage adjustments, it will hit even harder than a lot of charged moves!

What we need next season is:

→ nerf to poison fang chance to debuff (sorry nidoqueen)

→ 5 point nerf to icicle spear (Perhaps?)

→ Rollout miltank (and dunsparce)

→ surf/ice beam to lanturn, or scald tentacruel

→ Shadow claw Tyranitar (it would be a very good and fun pick in higher Leagues, it’s been forgoten in the game for a very long time)

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This aged well :rofl: