Theorycraftin DSS without KScope, Nyanta edition

Can you 3T farm with double Skadi without a Superscope, Combat Uniform swap, or Arash sacrifice?

It turns out, Yes! You can with the True Ether Mystic Code :

DSS without Kaleiscope is possible if not trickier to pull off, but doing so opens up the possibility space:

  • For Master without Superscope
  • For masters to experiment more with alternate CE selection.

DSS Recipes

  • Typical DSS setup uses what I’ll call the [100|50|50] recipe. That is, it relies on starting with 100% NP and Skadi’s 50% NP Batteries on Wave 2 and 3, assuming DPS will refund 50% NP from each NP.
  • The True Ether DSS setup as described below uses the [50+50|50|0] recipe, relying on DPS to refund 100% NP on wave 2.

For details of how the [50+50|50|0] recipe works, check out the original theorycraft thread for Lancelot:

A similar analysis can be made with Atalante, but the window for her is much smaller due to non-optimal buff distribution, and requires burning her Quick UP in wave 2.

Overhit requirements against wave 2 Rider enemies:

CE Overhits Required Np Damage / Mob HP
Knights of Marines MLB 4 / 10 2x
* Knights of Marines 5 / 10 2.8x
* One Summer MLB 5 / 10 2.8x
* Magical Girl of Sapphire MLB 2 / 10 1.3x
* Little Halloween Devil MLB 3 / 10 1.6x
* Little Halloween Devil 3 / 10 1.6x
* Damage CEs 6 / 10 3.9x

ie Atalanta with Little Halloween Devil can 100% refund against Triple Rider wave 2 if she does 1.6x enemy HP in damage. On Ice Bridge node, this is possible with NP2 Atalanta with lv20 Devil, plus 1x Skadi skill 2 def down.

Overhit requirements against wave 2 Caster enemies:

CE Overhits Required Np Damage / Mob HP
Knights of Marines MLB 2 / 10 1.3x
* Knights of Marines 3 / 10 1.6x
* One Summer MLB 3 / 10 1.6x
* Magical Girl of Sapphire MLB 1 / 10 1x
* Little Halloween Devil MLB 1 / 10 1x
* Little Halloween Devil 1 / 10 1x
* Damage CEs 4 / 10 2x

Against Saber, Archer, Lancer, and Ruler enemies:

CE Overhits Required Np Damage / Mob HP
Knights of Marines MLB 7 / 10 5.6x
* Knights of Marines 7 / 10 5.6x
* One Summer MLB 7 / 10 5.6x
* Magical Girl of Sapphire MLB 4 / 10 2x
* Little Halloween Devil MLB 5 / 10 2.8x
* Little Halloween Devil 6 / 10 3.9x
* Damage CEs 8 / 10 9x

Damage boosting

Damage can be boosted for Atalante with a variety of fashions to achieve 100% refund:

  • Increasing Atalante NP level
  • CE damage bonuses: NP Damage UP, Quick Damage UP, ATK UP, Special ATK UP
  • Increase CE ATK by leveling
  • Increase Atalante ATK by leveling, grail, attack fou, or gold attack fou
  • Burning one or both Skadi’s skill 2 defense down

Since each overhit is worth 1% NP. Softening up the enemy mob by leading with facecard might also work, but this might not be a stable configuration.


But wouldn’t doing this hamper her dps potential in w3 thereby making it harder to kill the beefy mob in w3?

More or less. Lancelot is by far the superior option.

I mostly did the math on Atalante for completeness’ sake, but it looks like she might be potentially more viable in Skadiless loops that i’m currently investigating.


Skadi less? A bit of explanation there? It sounds nice as well.

Quick Loops for Masters that missed out on Skadi.

If you can refund 100% in w2 anyways, then if you have superscope, you can just rely on a Support Skadi and substitute in Nero Bride/Parasect/Helena instead.


You’re incredible as always, @homu :fgo_ereshlove:

What about against Assassins? eyes GilFest


Assassins have .9 enemyServerMod, so squaring the circle is going to be even harder without counting on facecard on w2.

If you try to make [50+50|50|0] recipe work for Gilfest, you’ll definitely want to use Lancelot in any case.

If you have superscope it’ll always exceed any DSS No Scope setup. This just opens up options for more players.

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