Theorycrafting: changing what Attack stat modifies

One of the problems I have seen in GBL is how weighted it is towards bulk. They did add CMP being based off Attack but that’s only useful in very limited situations so I was thinking of ways to add spice to the game and make different kinds of 'mon useful.

My thought was making the countdown timer tied to the attack stat. This could work out in a couple ways, but the idea is that attack-heavy 'mon could switch in and out sooner than bulky 'mon. Think about it: Snorlax needs a nap after battling :sleeping: but Haunter can jump right back in! I think this fits nicely with the theme and could add in a fun strategy of keeping at least one glassy 'mon on your team to add flexibility. There could be good reason to use a Gengar instead of Jellicent because you can swap him out at 1hp and swap him in as a “3rd shield” or switch in to take a positive matchup (e.g. swapping in to Medicham who might not be able to switch out in time).

I get that the original point of PvP was to give use to the ever increasing pool of new releases that just weren’t exciting, simply because the PvE side just wasn’t exciting anymore because all the “best” stuff was out.

But yes, I like the idea, for a more casual PvP player like me, the idea that an investment in a PvE species would also make a new team member in PvP, would probably encourage me to play it a bit more - only so many times I can trot out variants of the same dozen dedicated GL/UL stuff I have. I’m seriously reluctant to pile dust into PvP only candidates that are anything but strong species, just because I don’t play it enough to build spice picks or themed teams.

Your suggestion in general play or even a “glass cup/league” or similar, say, species with a certain attack>bulk ratio - it would need to be more user friendly of course but if they can program warnings for exceeding league limits etc into evolution, why not?

Perhaps a system a bit more like raids where damage taken increases your charge move energy perhaps, so your lower bulk, high attack mon might get off that extra move?

Anyways, there are my random thoughts while I try and make 5pm happen faster.