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We know their base kits, we know their stats, and we know their superboons/banes, so I’m curious what those of you planning to actually use one or more of these new additions are planning to do, build wise.


90% of people will pull, then cry when they don’t get the unit/number of merges they wanted, and will inevitably make salt topics that I’ll wake up to tomorrow

Y’all know that I get notified every time one of youse makes a topic, right?


Dangerous knowledge you’ve just shared, shinx

Not really theory crafting but I’m considering giving Lilith DC and moving Atk/Spd Bond to the seal slot and supporting her with my Broadleaf Sothe so she can help clean up after he vantage sweeps. Or maybe I’ll do a theme team with Corrin and use them in AR after I’ve guaranteed I’m not dropping below T21.


Probably something simple like this:

I have a spare NY!Selkie that I don’t use, so it’ll be relatively cheap. I’m wondering if its worth putting a recovery special on her due to her prf (and her speed in general) making her deceptively tanky.

Does Heavy Blade count in combat buffs? I’ve seen people put HB seal on Gunnthra because of how her tome works but I’m not sure if it counts in combat buffs?

Also a quick build for Forrest, I do hope to eventually +10 him someday.


I will spark her with my 200 orbs, already have an idea to how I could use her in AR.

And I couldn’t refine her bow on the builder…


Small thing, Flashing blade can’t be used by fliers

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Ah, I always forget about that.

…Kinda doesn’t make sense, but thank you for reminding me.

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You’re right, it absolutely does not make any sense that fast people on pegasi cannot use Flashing Blade while slow af armors can and I hate that

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I’m still salty that fliers can’t use Lulls.


Pretty basic, but I have the fodder and I’m aiming for+10 either way so this is probably what I’ll run for the most part.


I have the whole section on Watching
I’m used to it
If you want to overwhelm me with notifs, you’d probably have to hit at least 300-400 notifications, and you’d be banned for spamming long before that


Y’all get ready for the teleporting baby dragons


Nope. Yolo pulls for joint drive atk otherwise nothing. Lilith does look really interesting to use especially in AR but unfortunately she comes with perfect fodder for my Marth

Will try for Lilith so will summon any blue orbs, but after the last ticket, I’m out.

Will probably get Rinkah with the free summon or 4 summoning tickets, then probably use her base kit and add some stance seal

Does Iago count?
'cause I got this vunderful PP build it’d like to make


No he doesn’t and your despicable for trying

You’re tearing me apart, @Averdi

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Oh gosh, you’re too kind.
There’s a reason why I have more base HP than Lilith, you know


I like it. Damn shame I never got lif for that DC/Pulse Smoke fodder…

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