There are shameless brags for Pokémon how about you post pics of your favorite pokestop? Post the Funniest or coolest below

Post the best pokestops you can find!! Whether they are hilarious absurd or just really cool!! We want to see the most creative!!!

I’ll play, this is my home gym, literally outside my kitchen window. It was an original stop, carried over from ingress. It would never make it through wayfarer today, it’s literally a really cheap ornament stuck on the entrance to a little car park.

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I am really proud of the dozen or so I added to the little town I was living in. Really made it much better to have stops all over town instead of just the center. Got people raiding and stuff a lot more during COVID when remote raids for LOS gyms became important.

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I’ve done a few but one of my local group deserves a medal for the number of stops and gyms he’s created since Wayfarer started. I’d reckon he’s added 25-30 more POI’s.

A couple of funny ones in my area!


Not a good idea to post exactly where you live in a publicly accessible forum.

I proposed a Stop while walking with my son.
When taking the photo of a pedestrian bridge, my son placed his scooter in the background…very hard to see.

He is so proud that a picture of his scooter is now in game. No one will probably ever notice it…but WE know it’s there forever. That’s enough


The one-horse inbred town I live in would immediately sense the presence of outsiders, have their images posted on the local Facebook group and an old-school pitchforks and flaming torches mob would surround them before burning them at the stake.

All that within about 10 minutes.

I hate this town, it’s full of the worst examples of humanity.

Mary behind bars

This one is quite something…


And well this one too. The pisstake of a statue that has its own Wikipedia page somehow wasn’t a pokestop till recently and only thanks to me.


Man! Just received a gift from exactly this pokestop and was thibking what are the odds? But then I found out you’re Splanket!! Jaja. Nice to know

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That’s me. Well actually this is the original Splanket.


I wish I could claim this local stop, but I can’t. Whoever submitted this is my hero! The description just makes it.