There can be only one II: Ibaraki Douji vs Heracles



The battle between Okita and Musashi has been decided after 125 votes.
After a rather close battle 53% of the voters chose Musashi as their preferred Servant gameplay-wise, while Okita won with a larger 56% of the vote in which Servant people preferred if gameplay wasn’t a factor! Okita Daishouri given the current state of Quick perhaps?

Yet, It’s time for round two!

This time, the battle is between between 4* Single Target Berserkers, a banana against a man who supposedly cannot be defeated!

Ibaraki Douji is Buster-based with some nifty utility and support in her kit, and of course high damage. For a refresher, here is a link to her writeup and profile.
Heracles is Buster-based with some very powerful survival tools, while packing some superb offense as well. For a refresher, here is a link to his writeup and profile.

(Incidentally, a new writeup for the implacable Berserker is on its way!)

The rules are simple:

  • You can only pick one Servant to insert in your roster
  • Choose your pick based on gameplay, so focus on skills, typing, role, synergy, and so forth.
  • For those of you who also want to share your preferences on taste/waifu/husbando, please use the second poll!
  • Lastly, please don’t bulli the banana (or each other)!

For gameplay value, which of the two would you prefer?

  • Ibaraki Douji
  • Heracles

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And, which one do you prefer based on your tastes

  • Ibaraki Douji
  • Heracles

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How often should I make these versus threads?

  • Every 48 hours
  • Every 24 hours

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Please share your thoughts regarding these Servants and the reasoning behind your choice! This poll will close after 48 hours from posting!


I do think Heracles vs Cu alter would have been a better choice of a versus.


I disagree, Heracles is in part ranked so high because he’s just so…easy to use and beginner-friendly. Ibaraki possesses a kit that ages very gracefully and packs more versatility. A well supported Ibaraki is a better main damage Servant than Heracles, or rather, I should say it is easier to make her do the job well in countering a whole myriad of challenging encounters. Her NP damage also ranks somewhat higher than the ol’ reliable.

I genuinely think it’ll be a close match, but we’ll see what happens!


I will go with the (probably) unpopular choice and vote for Ibaraki.

While Herc is probably the best at his role as a last man standing, I don’t find that role particularly useful or fun to play. Also, he has to rely on his bond CE for the most part of it.

Ibaraki has a decent skill set and can survive many turns in the front line, helping with tough boss battles by removing their buffs and raising the entire party’s attack. Herc in the same position would die within a few turns. So, 99% of the time I wouldn’t even use Herc because he is sitting in the last slot to save what is left.

In terms of taste I voted for Herc because as a FSN servant he has the badassery bonus obviously.


For me it is clear as day that Cu Alter is better. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also, contrary to popular belief, Cu Alter excels at team play so they don’t actually fill the same role.


I vote for Ibaraki, she gains NP much faster, she gains stars faster, she has a self heal and a big def up.

Don’t get me wrong the Demi-God that never dies has helped me out on a multide of occasions, for both gameplay and taste I will go with Ibaraki.


Ibaraki was a disappointment when I first summoned her. Why would I need another ST 4* berserker when I had Herc? But very quickly I realized what she could do- team utility with her 1st skill, better NP damage with her 1st skill, more useful NP effect (buff removal vs. def down), better staying power with teammates due to heal, debuff removal, and defense up. You can easily pair her with Mash or Waver and despite being a berserker she might not take any damage when hit. She also has better NP and star generation.

Her attack is lower than Herc- by quite a bit. Grailed to 90, she has 8 less attack than Herc does at level 80.I wish that was different. However, I’ll still take her over Herc 9 times out of 10.


tnx! i was trying to explaying it since the cu alter vs mama raikou!


i am one of those few guys who never relaied of the friendly berseka to pass any challange ( why should i? i have the mad king himself. i let him carry me trought any challange), So, unlike many, i dont have any debt to him.
still, he is strong. what ibaraki does is cool, but what he can do is legendary.
Sorry but, i would go for her all the time.

Sill, ibaraki was the first servant i burned, and the only one i regretted (i was such a noob back then!! i want her now!)


Blind writing this without having read anyone’s opinion…

I personally like Banana better. Even being a proud owner of a max bond NP2 Heracles fully maxed, I just find it more useful and fun Ibaraki over Heracles. Even though Heracles has Evade and Guts, for some reason I really like the Defense up and Cleanse. Maybe because I’m not really that much into Support + DPS + Support, so Ibaraki works better for me as team unit rather than the center of my whole strategy.
Skillwise, Heracles wins on his survivability and has a higher damage output on basic cards (Also divinity), however Ibaraki wins when it comes to NP with his NP up to 30% and the buff removal (Again, similar to Musashi, an effect better suited for today’s game state) and on top of that, she provides a nice 20% Atk up to her team which is better when she’s not exactly the main focus of the composition. Something that is actually of note, is that we have several bossess and enemies who can pierce evades, so Ibaraki’s defense up is actually more optimal than plain evades (Again, better suited for todays challenges). Debuff cleanse is also something that helps her being resillient, with a nice healing too.

I’d say overall, while Heracles wins over her in raw damage, Ibaraki works better as a team unit with some very appreciated utility, focus on a different form of DPS and might be a better choice for specific challenges. Something clearly because of Heracles being a starter servant, whereas Ibaraki was introduced as a raid boss and later on added to the summoning pool.

Now on to the design, I just like berserkers that can talk, so that’s that. Ibaraki’s voice is also very nice and her design is pretty cool. Her animations are cool, and Banana Bulli oportunities. On the future with Heracles’ Animations update he might be cooler than her.


I’m likely on the losing end here but I have to go with Ibaraki on gameplay.

True, Herc is an excellent last man with his combined offense and survival skills plus a hard hitting NPBB combo. But, from my experience, his team play requires teams to be built around him almost exclusively. His low star weight means he cannot properly make use of Mind’s Eye’s crit buff, and his low hit count and NP gain means he WILL have difficulty using his NP while alone. And without his Bond CE, it only takes a minimum of three turns to kill him if he is alone. One to use up his Evade, one to use up Guts, and the third to kill him. Unless the enemy can be killed in that time frame then the battle ends that quickly.

Ibaraki has power, though not as much as Herc in terms of raw stats, but she provides better utility for herself and her team. A charisma-like skill plus self NP damage buff (all that’s left is a Buster buff), heal and debuff remover (good for both survivability and to prevent DEF and ATK debuffs, and a Def buff (with a bonus on the first turn). With the third combined with other defense buffs, I’ve seen her survive an ST NP plus a crit attack that followed with more than half HP left. Debuff cleansing removes pesky atk debuffs right before she unleashes an NPBB chain, powered by her first skill.

And there’s also her high hit counts on her Quick and Extra cards. An ABQ chain, especially one with a decent number of stars, fills up a huge amount of her NP gauge AND drops a decent amount of crit stars. While she is rarely the first in line to use those stars, the relatively high number compared to Herc means a better chance that she’ll get a fair share of them.

And with the advent of Break Bars, team play is so much more important now. A last man standing would be useful once the difficulty ramps up, but there’s still the issue of getting to that point. Herc may do better in the end, but Ibaraki has the harder job of getting you there.

Ibaraki gets my vote on gameplay.

A esthetically and style-wise, Herc. Gotta love the original Berserker.

:fgo_illya: Go mad, Berserker.


For game play reason, I think I’ll go with banana and she is a better team player, even though Herc was my starter servant and carried me for a while. I generally like servant’s kit pack with utilities, and she have quite a few of those like buff removal in her NP. Increasing team attack are nice, and that comes along with increasing NP damage as well.
As much as Herc comes with quite a few hard survival skills, especially if you equip him with his bond CE, feels like he is more of a solo unit, and can be quite boring to play with.
Outside of game play, I’ll pick Herc here, since he always had a play since FSN anime and not to mention that have grew since UBW animation and that interaction with Illya.


Whats interesting is that all posters favor Ibaraki over Herc, but Herc is still far ahead in the poll.


Which, draws a nice parallel to the bizarre statement: “contrary to popular belief, Cu Alter excels at team play so they don’t actually fill the same role”. That is not contrary to popular at all. I don’t know why you’d even think that.

Rather, those sort of aspects, Ibaraki’s overall utility and Cu Alter’s potential to do some soloing, are things that can be mentioned. Mentioning things ==/== standard or popular.

I’m sort of flabbergasted by that statement still even hours after I’ve read it. :scream:


Personally prefer Ibaraki both gameplay and character wise. Though it really is a hard choice. I love Heracles too both from being one of the OG Fate characters and he is amazing as a clutch servant. However Ibaraki is the better choice in general use, since she can frontline like a champ and deal tons of damage while surviving most encounters. The heal and defense skill goes a long way. And Banana Oni is such a likable and cute character overall too.


No contest for me. Ibaraki takes it in both gameplay and aesthetics/general preference

Her defense up plus Waver defense up makes the girl damn near immortal for a turn and then really durable for a couple more. Her heal and debuff cleanse is awesome. Removing buffs on NP is baller. NP strength buff plus attack buff is really good, especially because Ibaraki actually generates a lot of NP gauge for a Berserker. I can reliably send her in with 0% NP and expect to use her NP before she dies with only minor support.

Also she’s way cuter than Herc.


It’s hard to make a choice, sure for some gameplay Ibaraki is better but so it’s for Heracles.

My vote to Heracles, because:
it’s the first SR i had and showed me the way through the game
he’s mountain with a friggin axe who scream and hits hard
when others fail he stand alone and remember you everytime why he’s the strongest


My statement was referring to wildkusa’s comment that Herc should have been pitted against Cu Alter. Hence I was saying Cu Alter and Herc don’t necessarily fill the same role. Cu Alter is described as a soloist all the time and I do think it can be considered popular belief if people constantly reduce him to his solo potential…


Leaning towards Ibaraki although I may be a bit biased since i own Ibaraki and not Herc

I know herc is an almighty unkillable demi-god but most of the time he just sits at the back at the back as a safety net in case all else fails, which only usually happens to me during challenge quests meaning he rarely gets any screen-time. Ibaraki on the other hand is so universal that probably around 70~80% of all the quests ive taken she was the front-line DPS. Like i said i dont own herc so if i need one i just borrow someone else’s but when you reach a high enough level and have good enough team comps you start to no longer need your “safety net”.


Closings polls in about 4-5 hours! Things are looking bleak for banana Oni!