There can be only one V: Tristan vs EMIYA (Alter)



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What a closely fought battle! Chocolate or Icecream? Why not both? Why choose? With an incredibly slim margin Waver pulled ahead with 2 votes over Merlin. It’s not really a clear victory (or whether we should consider it a victory at all). A draw sounds more reasonable. Likewise, you had no clear preference in Waver or Merlin taste-wise either, although Merlin pulled ahead there slightly more. Well fought I should say.

Anyway, It’s time for round five!

Archers…One can never have enough Archers in this game! With class skills and distribution, Archers tend to have incredible performance even if their kits aren’t entirely optimized. This time we’ll be discussing two ST Archers with different card sets and a future NP interlude: Tristan vs EMIYA (Alter).

  • Tristan is a Quick-based Servant with a Sure Hit NP, excellent amazing hit counts (Tristan enemies = Free NPs for days) with the amazing Harp of Healing teamwide Evasion skill. Here is a link to his Analysis and profile.

  • EMIYA (Alter) is Arts-based with all-around good performance. With great burst, hit-based protection or spread-out damage, EMIYA can adapt easily to a wide variety of card draws and enemy actions . You can find his writeup and profile here.

The rules are simple:

  • You can only pick one Servant to insert in your roster
  • Choose your pick based on gameplay, so focus on skills, typing, role, synergy, and so forth.
  • For those of you who also want to share your preferences on taste/waifu/husbando, please use the second poll!
  • Lastly, the discussion for EMIYA (Alter) can get a bit inflammatory so, uh, try to stay civil.

For gameplay value, which of the two would you prefer?

  • Tristan
  • EMIYA (Alter)

0 voters

And, which one do you prefer based on your tastes

  • Tristan
  • EMIYA (Alter)

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Please share your thoughts regarding these Servants and the reasoning behind your choice! This poll will close after 48 hours from posting!

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Tristan for me. I’m considering to get him with the free SR ticket this year.
His skill harp of healing is simply too good to pass up on, but also his other skills are pretty much golden.

Emiya Alter does have interesting skills as well, however he seems fairly vanilla in comparison. With Kuro and Archuria around, there is little reason to pick Emiya Alter in this round…


Tristan, on both accounts.

(And not just because I love all the Camelot servants…he’s the most hateable character bar Agravain in that chapter.)

Gameplay wise…Emiya Alter just isn’t that different from Kuro. I’d argue she’s better—a dodge instead of a def buff, an np charge instead of an atk buff, and better projection. Given the choice, I’d pick Kuro over Emiya any day.

Tristan is unique. Quick servants with utility are rare, although I’d argue his utility is the only thing that makes him better than Billy, who is a crit monster and has a better charge skill thanks to no demerit. So he’s a bit out of place as a semi-support quick servant but harp of healing and targetable buff removal are just too good to pass up. The NP seal sucks (and feels totally unnecessary) but 50% is 50%, even if you can’t use it this turn.


Tristan, no doubt. Lack of buster cards and self-steroids make his damage lackluster, but damage is the easiest thing to patch with supports, while he provides some invaluable tools that are rather hard to come by: teamwide NP protection and buff removal.

Emiya Alter is good, really good, but he’s easier to replace in a team, so to say.


As you can see from my username, I am the rare, mysterious creature known as a fudanshi (guy version of a fujoshi- someone who likes or at least doesn’t men x men pairings), and no; I am not gay (not straight either but). Anyway, take this from someone who decided to play the game JUST to collect all KoRT servants, AND loves the character and backstory of EMIYA. Gameplay wise, I quite prefer Tristan, since I’ve been experimenting with my Quick teams lately (I use him with Billy and Nyanta) but my tragedy obsessed soul likes Alter better (as a husbando of course), but maybe because I already have WAY too many servants with identidal decks- Chloe, Archuria, Robin, Orion-aka Rare Prism, he didn’t come to my chaldea despite all the YOLO rolls :sweat_smile: Oh well. …What do you guys think?


I haven’t played much with either but it seems like Emiya would be more my go to since I’m not a fan of quick servants and I do like arts servants more often then not. His skills are…weird but usable and he’s nice and tanky. He’s baiscally a weaker Kuro dmg wise and trades hard defense for very good soft defense (unless you are fighting a mob that hits with aoe then his buff is a bit…ehh).

As far as personality, easy fucking peasy, screw Tristan and his “Oh I’m so sad. Woe is me” bullshit any day. At least Emyia alter is pretty fucking badass in Shinjuku. As far as the whole thing about his design i’m a bit meh about it all. Honestly, rather then just make his skin lighter they could have just changed his weird ass lip coloring and kept his skin darker to make him look more like Emyia that overused his circuits rather then an Emyia that looks sorta like he’s wearing blackface. The recoloring only made his skin lighter without fully addressing the weird ass lips lol

So yeah, Emiya for both. Fuck Tristan (I despise his freaking guts).


When it comes to decks, I lean very much toward the zerks/gorillas- gawain, gramps, swimsuit martha why not, but I like to have fun and experiment. So while buster is my go to, I infrequently use arts and ocassionally dabble with quick too. As for lore and personality, yeah Alter definitely; although I think they just didn’t put in as much effort to Tristan’s characterization (in the Arthurian Legends at least, he was a BIT more interesting) and just made him to be a woobie who’s into NTR… same with Saberlot actually (which was kinda sad for me since I was really looking forward to how they would design him.

Anyway, about the whole Alter blackface lips issue… I regretfully admit that I just didn’t notice until they actually changed him. See, I’m not from the US, but from the other side of the world (let’s say SE Asia), and being PC or not isn’t really that big a deal here? So unless something is just so blantantly offensive, no one really minds all that much… Yes, Japan isn’t my country, but this kind of attitude seems to be the same throughout Asia in general.

For example, you can call your chubby friend “fat” (he or she won’t like it of course, but they’re not gonna sue or get angry or whatever just because of something like that) and you can call a darker skinned person “black beauty” or “exotic” without them beating you up. If they found your comments particularly displeasing, they might avoid you, or just say it outright that they didn’t like it. That’s kinda how it is here…

But make no mistake, I do NOT tolerate blackface or any other kind of racial discrimination. If it was intentionally done with intent to belittle, then even more so. I am just trying to point out that the reactions over here are just a bit different. But yeah, after noticing it, and reading the arguments of those affected, and the comments of the character designer… It really was pretty bad. AND the “fix” wasn’t really a fix at all. As a fellow asian, on behalf of the also asian devs, I would like to sincerely apologize for our insensitivity towards this very sensitive topic. :pensive:


Voting Emiya Alter because for the simple fact that he’s NP-loop capable. With base NP refund of around 20%, he can nearly get a full refund on NP alone with a max support setup.


Definitely Tristan. Not only was he hated in Camelot making him a great villain but his skill set is amazing. A wide NP protection with little heal, and removal of buffs is to good to pass up. He can fairy charge his NP quickly and his NP1 already hits hard yet he will get a interlude that buffs it. I really can’t wait until NA servers gets the quick meta and I can make proper usage of his NP3 .