There he is!


Fav non lord male character tiiiiiime :smiley:

He will be good and he will slay Medius, just you watch.


Sorry to ruin your dreams but, pretty much any unit that tackles Medeus aside from Marth can and will die, about 99% of the time in my experience (I try some crazy ass shit for fun)

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You know, I find it ironic that both of my favorite non lord male and female characters come from the game with the least developed characters in the entire series. Go figure.

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I’ll find a way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hmm, yeah. Though, I’d actually say FE6 is tied for the least amount of development for characters.

Well, at that rate you’ll need to hack the game, if anything. I think you can only kill him with Falchion. I might be wrong since it’s been so long

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I really liked Samto/Samuel, I only played as far as the chapter where you get Etzel in the dessert map. I really have to get around to finishing that game.


Ehh subjective. I found most of the characters in the game to have some interesting traits. Maybe all for Wade, Lot, Treck, and maaaybe Dorthy (tho I like her)

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