These salt comments for Byleth in Smash are rude

Get this, the IGN channel trailer has more dislikes than likes. And some of these comments, my god…
This is what I’ve been seeing, these are actual comments I’ve seen and found…

“At least Pokemon isn’t repetitive and niche”

“Smash Bros is turning into “Fire Emblem and Friends””

“Fire Emblem has Robin in it and that’s it. The rest are just Marth copies. At least Mario characters have verity.”

“Pokemon has verity at least. It’s not like every character is a stock anime character with a sword.”

“Fire Emblem is so niche, not many people like me care about it” (this was in reaction to someone asking if they’d rather have another Pokemon or Mario character).

“Sakurai’s Fire Emblem Fetish: The Game”

“At least Joker in MK11 looks promising.”

Then there are others like “ANOTHER FE CHARACTER WHYYYYYY” in all caps and “Is this an early April Fool’s?”. These comments legit piss me off. Especially will the fact that they ignore he doesn’t just use a sword. That and just plain insulting the fanbase like wtf did we ever do to you? It’s even worse that this is like the only reveal will a like ratio less than a dislike one. Like, wtf?
There are more but honestly, I can’t handle the salt. It’s too bad.


“i’m getting angry about salt comments, so i’ll create a whole topic to talk about it, thus creating and spreading the salt”


I guarantee that around 90% of these salty bitches didn’t even watch up to that point.


That’s the Smash Community for ya.
It shouldn’t be provoked. Everyone’s just being a whiny five-year-old because Little Jimmy stole their cookie during Snack Time

If you need a key...

Little Jimmy - Sakurai
Cookie - Their sometimes nonsensical Expectations
Snack Time - Smash Direct


To be fair, a lot of the FE characters they’re adding utilizes swords, don’t they?

I don’t play it, but from what I’ve seen Marth, Roy, Chrom, Lucina, Corrin, and even Robin utilize a sword, although I think Robin can also use magic and Corrin has her dragon attacks?

Byleth is probably the one character they’ve added from FE that actually has quite a bit of variety, especially when you compare them to what they’ve got from FE so far in the game.

But this is from someone who doesn’t play Smash, so if I’m wrong then correct/ignore me.

That’s how you get your fries to taste better. Too much salt doesn’t taste better


Comments like these come from people that primarily think with their emotions first, then their brains second. Helps 'em feel more validated in the short-term. :feh_lucyshrug:

Personally, I have few issues with Byleth’s addition to Smash Ultimate. (S)He is different than all the other FE characters, with all the weapons at their disposal. But that’s just me using my brain first and emotions second.


Actually, thats not that far away from reality tbh


I thought that was Warriors…

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Bold to you to assume that.


Yeah, that’s why I find everyone’s bitching so unneeded and stupid


Smash has probably the worst fanbase I’ve ever seen for a fighting game, and it saddens me since the game itself is amazing, but… geez.
And just when I thought they were calming down after not seeing too many sore losers when Smash lost in the Game Awards (Zero trying to justify that Luigi’s Mansion 3 shouldn’t have been in the Family Friendly category because “it’s a scary game” was kind of hilarious, though… in a sad way).


I see nothing wrong with this.


Millions of poorly thought-out YouTube comments beg to differ.


but i mean. it’s still an animoo character.



Every youtube I saw was either happy or jokingly disappointed. Maximillion dood, huge fighting game fan, while not a fire emblem fan, saw the character and was intrigued by the play style.


You say this like (some of) the salt was unwarranted. First off, not everyone plays FE, and even some who do genuinely find it annoying that the series gets overrepresented. Secondly, Wave 1 was specifically advertized as 3rd party only, which it was until Byleth was announced. Now obviously a lot of people type faster than they think so a lot of it is overblown, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t agree with them to an extent.

oh god 5 people are typing, what have I created


The Smash community is filled with entitled babies. Ever since the fighter ballot, they think that they are the ones who decide the DLC Fighters. In the past, no one really asked for Ryu to be in the game, but he was added because it would be cool (like Joker). Nowadays, people are like “Put in Crash Bandicoot”, “Add Geno!!!”, “Put in Sora!”, and then they complain when they are not added. Smash fans are not entitled to anything. Byleth wasn’t a good decision for a new character, but who cares? He is at least fresh and interesting compared to Roy, Chrom, and Lucina. But if they are from a Nintendo IP, then I guess they don’t have the right to be a character to pay for…

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