They really need to make mythicals tradible

Maybe give them unique rules like can only trade for same species
and then maybe make them retradible on timer (1 a week???)

A couple of them are too critical to pvp to allow people to only get 1 chance on good IVs.

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If they non-unique from Raids or wild catch, sure, trade away!

Unique Mythicals gotten as rewards shouldn’t be tradable.


The whole point I was making is that the “Unique” ones become IV locked and that has an unfair advantage based on one roll of luck that lasts forever.

Hence why I suggested making it same species, so you and a friend could swap say Mew for Mew once a week

I was thinking this earlier. Even if it was limited to lucky trades (although that’s trickier for PvP IVs). I was excited for Zarude and I will still power mine up even though it’s got poor IV, I’d love to lucky trade it. Likewise Darkrai, what to do with my 77% shiny? Can’t use it for a lucky trade, it’s outclassed by my 96% and 84% shinies, my hundo and various other 93%+ ones so what use is it?

It’s one of those daft decisions that seems to have stuck despite it having no actual advantage. Making them tradeable, even on a limited basis, would be a huge QOL improvement.

Similar improvement would be making traded pokemon retradeable after, say, a year.

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Personally, I’m much more annoyed by not being able to trade Darkrai than Mew.

Why that. Darkrai is and was available via raids…

I assume because where Mew is a one time “special” mon, and you get what you get and be glad to have the one and only ever available, there is nothing that distinguishes Darkrai from your run of the mill legendary. It feels like (because it is) just some random classification that you can’t trade Darkrai as opposed to say Giratina.


It won’t happen. And I’m glad of this, because if Niantic make mythicals tradeable it would only benefit spoofers and multi account people.

Original mythicals (base 100 in all stats) are very special in this game, it’s fine to only have one. If tradeable, they would lose their value, making them less special. Completelly agree here.

True! On the other hand you have this. Mythical is a tag, and because first ones can’t be traded, the raid mythicals suffered the same condition. A lot of people were desperate to get Deoxys defense for more than a year when go battle league started, wich was quite unfortunate. This “less special mythicals” should be tradeable, perhaps one day…

A partial solution to this can be a way to improve IV’s of certain mons in the future (make it extremely expensive and rare, élite TM status or more) by please don’t make mew tradeable with a “friend” once a week.


Let’s just put it like this… There is no valid reason why Darkrai, genesect and the deoxys forms can’t be traded, but the made for PoGO pvp darling melmetal can…


Send the 77percent one to the prof. That’s it’s use ;)
At least you get two candies now.
But shinies don’t have any use anyway, so you might wanna give them all to the prof, hahhaahahahahahhaahhaahah

If mew was tradibly only for mew. How would that overly benefit spoofers/multiaccounters?

How would it change its specialness, and ability to have only one.


And that’s why he should be tradable!

Bottle Cap?

Because those with multiple accounts have multiple opportunities to trade around and get lucky. I’m not in favor of the “trading mythicals” idea either. Notable exception for the likes of Darkrai (Deoxys is marginal, getting new IV spreads could really mess things up and the same argument applies as above).


Easy: taking your method as an example, Keep trading mew with a suicidal secondary account until you get your desired IV.
2 things Need to change for it to happen: mew has to be tradeable, and the whole sistem has to change for a pokemon to be RE tradeable over and over again. Seems too much.
And to be honest, IVs are overrated, they do not change much.

Yes sr, it can be a good solution to the bad IV sindrome withouth the Need of changing all the actual system


I was referring to "annoyed more than mew. Doesn’t make so much sense trading Darkrai since it’s not good for pvp and for PvE the chance is high to get good ones anyway… mew or even more the grass ape on the other hand… got quite bad ones… But that was pointed out better by @Squiffy

Personally, i am even against legendary trading because what @TulipsRenegade said is so sooo true.

With the one-offs I don’t see great benefit to multi account players. Yes, you can get a second, third, fourth Mew but it’s not like a raid mythical such as Darkrai where you can just get a remote invite to a big City and 7 minutes later here’s a Darkrai to trade.

If anyone had the time and patience to go through the Mew, Celebi etc questline again now with that 2nd, 3rd 4th account, when you might not see the pokemon you need for months, you deserve a chance to trade it - I know I couldn’t be bothered with my 2nd account. People won’t do it, we ascertained this on the worst research line thread a little while ago. If you can be arsed to find a ditto, get a gold kanto medal, evolve a magikarp, evolve a sunkern etc on a second account, good luck to you. My 2nd account is still stuck on that sunkern and I’m in no hurry to get it, trade or not.

@stativision indeed, that’s where it’s going on Shinx day. It’s just a shame it can’t be another lucky trade candidate and that it’s simply destined to end up on a pitta covered in chilli sauce at 3am.

@CatEyePorygon has a good point with Meltan, the tradable Mythical. Heck, the code and precedent already exists. I’m fine with the research line one times not being tradable, but Darkrai is too common at this point to maintain the Mythical status. Obviously they can’t mess with the canon, but Professor Bigshot can take a break from grinding pokemon into delicious candy at any point to announce “Trainers, we have discovered that by accessing a wormhole aligned with dark matter while singing a silly song it is possible to trade certain Mythical Pokemon”

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Makes you wonder how they’ll implement some of the other evolving legendaries/mythicals like Zygarde, Poipole or Cosmog. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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