They really need to make mythicals tradible

Sorry, your comment doesn’t make sense in context to what I was saying

If Mythicals could only be same species traded like I said, to preserve the “Uniqueness” of only having 1 mew, then the fact I have access to multiple accounts would matter very very very little to the point of non-existance.
Because once I traded my 1 mew, I wouldn’t have another to trade to some other Alt Acct.

Yes, you’d have to find a different person to swap with vs someone with multiple accts, but your still limited to 1 swap.

Same reply to stat.

With same species trading, a suicidal sencond acct wouldn’t matter because wouldn’t have a 2nd one to trade

This works also in theother direction. And then it wouldn’t matter at all, so why care? ;)

So you think it would be easy to find someone to trade his Mew to you because you have a bad one? If even not here people are jumping at it… how big do you think your chances would be in “the real world”?

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An argument, but i guess there will be other ones with “bad” IVs as well. But still (especially @Arak2), what do you get at all when you can trade? The only thing where it really makes sense is for pvp and the chance of getting worse IVs then is high. I don’t see any real value in trading mythicals at all, so i don’t understand people craving for it, but i also don’t see why legendaries are allowed when things like Darkrai are not. In the end I don’t care. At least something to discuss :D

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You want us to discuss you not careing?

Well the only true thing I can bring to that discussion I do not care that you do not care, but if that is worth anything is another question.

I don’t care is relative. Let’s put it:. I don’t care enough to really relate, but i care enough to write some lines on a lazy evening or Saturday morning ;)


Because these forums are representative of the entire POGO community, right?
I know just about everyone in my local playgroup have been begging for Mew to either be tradable or be in raids itself since it was released

I know nobody in real life that has ever talked about Mew, let alone trade Mew…

I don’t know anybody in real life that enjoys PvP ( perhaps that is the difference between your group, and the people I know).

I only know that the people that come here are more hardcore then the general public, so something like this should live more here then in the general public I assume… but then I could be totally wrong too.

I can’t follow your ideas if you’re changing them every single post. I’m answering what you wrote. But to answer your future question, there are 2 chances: only one trade, Wont solve the “luck factor” behind a trade, mew can get even worse after a trade. And limitless trades: already answered, debatible and unfair.

This is pointless, the main idea behind mythicals not been tradeable is to avoid things you are posting. You can get one or two of each mythicals, and perhaps in the future we can get the chance of catching another mew, because we are going to run out of options someday.

There was 1 idea: Trade Mythical for Same Species.
As a second part: you could if you want allow them to be retradable once a week.

Whether it was retradible or not retradible is irrelevent to your concern of diminishing the specialness of only having 1 mew. Because since it’s same species only you’d never end up with “Extra Mew” Any concern of specialness diminishing or getting “Extra Mew” is just wrong.

The only point to the idea is the question of whether to allow an IV reroll on a mythical or not.

Currently: You cant. The problem is that gives a permenant advantage to some people who got lucky on thier one mythical over someone who got unlucky. My suspicion is anyone who got lucky likes their perm advantage and wouldn’t want to see it go away.

The topic of alt accounts with a same-species trade feels more like a red herring to me.
For the Limit 1: Mythicals: Like mew/zarude — I’s not that hard to find 1 person to swap with. If you had a week long timer, it wouldn’t be hard to find and meet a friend once a week too. Sure I have alts, but I also have friends that I could easily see once a week to swap with.

For the Raidable Mythicals: like Deoxys, Darkari, etc. Sure it would be easier if someone had an alt acct, but with the limit of still being 1 special daily. Trading Deoxys just means not trading Registeel/Dialga/etc

So with a same species mythical restriction: any advantage someone has that has an alt acct is tiny. Definitely far smaller IMO than giving people permenent advantages in PVP. Hence why Alt-Acct topic feels like a red herring

My view is the main idea of mythicals not being tradible was to prevent people from getting more than 1 mew.
What I am proposing in no way alters that idea. I don’t think the main idea was to give people a permenent advantage in pvp based on one luck roll.

Now if your view the idea of mythical not being tradible was to create a permenant advantage in pvp. then you’re correct we at an impasse. Though if that’s the case I can’t help but wonder what IVs of your Mew and Zarude were.

Mythicals can’t be traded like normal legendaries. But trading them with a same species restriction would work with or without retradability.

Cmon dude. Ensure hundos upon catching mythicals or bottle caps would be way easier and possible than a far fetched trade system.

Well, you got me. I’ll show you my luck:

Mew, powered up before pvp was a thing (ergo impossible to use in great league, league in wich by the way is horrible in terms of Ivs).
This mew is ranked 172 out of 216 posible IV combinations. Used it a lot, mainly in silph and Ultra remix, is a monster.

Shiny mew, this one is good to go in great league!!
Ranked 186 out of 216 chances, but hey it can be worse… Carried me more than 400 points in remix back in season7, alongside with sableye.

Poor boy, 184 out of 216. I’m starting to see a pattern.

Hey! Not bad. 136 out of 216, below average but my best mythical so far!

Not elegible in great, in UL is 156 out of 216, and in máster were it sees it’s full potential, it’s, well, bad.

138 of 216. Useless, but if this is my dark variant I’m screwed. Joking, I’m going to use it no matter what.

Finally my zarude!!! Amazing IV’s, it already had a lot of play in Másters. I just wanted to use it and it didn’t dissapoint at all. I know it loses a bulkpoint against dialga, but it won’t win the match no matter Ivs, and you have to be double covered of using the monkey.

Finally, I have a rank 79 shiny celebi and a 13 ultra celebi ready to go, but never use any of both. Meltan I don’t recall, already in the Bin, but was bad.
If you want to use a mon, use it. I already said that, but IVs are way overrated

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You know what’s funny about this quote: [quote=“TulipsRenegade, post:32, topic:108416”]
IVs are way overrated [/quote] is that if you really really believe that, why are you arguing against having a way to reroll IVs. If they are overrated and you don’t care about them, which you definitely sorta of do…, then why do you care if someone else does? That’s the part I’m having trouble wrapping my head around.

Bottle caps wouldn’t exactly work as an idea for PVP IVs. PMG should have made the leagues not have a hard cap such that a perfect was always best, but they didn’t because of the complication and kids. But had that thread

You say it’s far fetched… how trading mythicals for same species is far fetched is some way out there logic but logically you can swap Lugia’s onces a day, but never swap Mews or else that would be farfetched…

The mythical no-trade rule is just an arbitrary rule put in place by Nianatic, before PVP was a thing. A rule that could be changed, just like the power level of Rock Slide can go down 5 points. There isn’t anything different between changing move power and changing trading rules. Neither is far fetched, it’s just a game where they can tweak the rules for balance and need whenever.

If anything the mythical no-trade rule is a bad rule, in dramatic need of some reworking once they started releasing mythicals into open raids. The non-unique mythicals have zero reason to be treated differently than their legendary 5* counterparts.

I’d personally bet money that Niantic when they made the rule, was only thinking about Mew, and not forward looking to PVP, PVP IVs, and Mythicals in 5*s.

The one arguement you made, I agree with is they wanted mythicals like Mew to stay unique. But that’s why I proposed they could do a same species type thing…

Anyway salute.

You’re right, I think we don’t talk about it in here because we know, but when two of the more casual members of my local group go lucky friend there’s a really good chance at least one will ask for a mythical.

As ever, the lack of consistency and logic on the part of niantic really doesn’t help.