They took out Arena Assault

Play with 5 mvt units.
Doesn’t matter if you play 2nd if you aren’t in the ennemy range but he is in yours


Yeah, that’s why I’m waiting. We’ve got what? 3 days for this? Play closer to the final day and hope the try hards are out.

Forget playing immediately. If it’s the same as AR I have the worst luck when playing immediately after the reset at the start of the season.


Ok, summoner duels R is ugh… I haven’t lost so far, these modes just take too long in my opinion. Especially when you take regular summoner duels into account. With R I thought it was 3 battles and you would be done, but it’s 3 (or 4) losses instead. When I got to 1000 favor in regular summoner battles I lost around 3 times prior. R is just the same but different and together it’s taking too much of my time. Quick Draw is still broken, I think I’ll do one more battle and leave it at that.


Bruh I just want more DF



Looks at team:


400 dews? Sign me up

Yeah, no, the rewards may be great, but SD was already a chore past the first few days, I’m not playing an even dumber version where I can get outed just because i wasn’t lucky enough to not fight a whale with +10 meta units running everywhere making everyone’s day a pain.
I value my nerves more than a few DFs. Even when that resource is already stupidly scarce. Heck you IS.


Send feedback please. They shouldn’t remove AA for this new crappy mode. If they want to keep it for some obscure reason fine, but I shouldn’t be penalized because of it.

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Can anyone take a screenshot of the rewards cuz

Apparently I’m not allowed to play rn

Rank rewards:

Tier rewards:

So yeah, a fair amount of DFs, but not worth the stress IMO.

EDIT: unneeded double post, sorry


So rank is just AA but added TP and DF and glory is strictly TP and DF.

Hooray for more sources of DF but go fuck yourself IS for locking it behind Yuri, Eitri, Ash, A!Fjorm, and B!Eirika.


It’s definitely not worth the stress but how many people are complaining about this? Lots. Give it a day or so, come back, and it’s going to be significantly easier.


I can’t justify rank being tied to just how much you play it (like TT) rather than some other means. Might as well completely ignore those rewards, and just climb the glory ladder very slowly.


True. But i’ll pass. I’m not giving IS more of my time for that. I can live without those DFs, tho it sucks massive tanuki balls.


I’m in it just for the god damn stones because AA isn’t available. Get a couple wins, get extremely low tier rewards, and it’s like I played AA but with random other crap, and good crap at that, thrown in.

It sucks but looking at those rewards the amount of effort needed to be put in just for a little bit of that I’m fine with. It’ll take some grinding for the better rewards but doing this casually is definitely the way to go.

Just wait for everyone else to go and slowly flow up whenever you like.


I just hope they do with Resonant Battles where they give you an orb every week for playing the mode once

Why waiting would make it easier?

It’s a similar strategy to AR

The whaliest, try-hardest players will climb up the ranks first

If you wait, you’re more likely to be matched with people who don’t care as much about scoring


Oh! A reward similar to golden chair/crown !

Yup, tryhard player gonna tryhard.
Then they’ll show off on the most P2W mode we had so far.

When Summoner Duel was out, i explicited said here that it was fine cus there was no real ranking.
Now that there is, i think it is stupid. I haven’t changed my mind. :feh_genny_mug:


In addition to what Luna had said the amount of people complaining about it probably aren’t apart of the whales. The rewards look enticing, so I imagine while people are irritated with the whales a few of them will come back eventually. Either that or people who just don’t care and will play whenever they want, which typically isn’t the first crack of dawn at the reset(Granted it has been over 8 hours now).

So yeah. Wait for those who actually care about scoring until those who don’t and play for fun. You’ve got better odds of not hitting a whale later on than you do right now.