Things you like in a Fire Emblem character’s design?

What things in any FE design do you like a whole lot? What characters have that design trait you like?

Massive Armor

I LOVE when FE characters have massive armor. I don’t know why, but it makes look extremely bulky and tough, which I like. While some characters do it better than others, here are my favorite characters with massive armor:


I like the use of shields. Notably, Arden, with L!Marth as a close second. If only more infantry units had shields


I like the ninja’s design, like Saizo and Kagero, and then the Myrms always have neat designs, especially Lon’qu and Navarre

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I had to read this twice since I didn’t get it at first.

There’s nothing I’m too particular about when it comes to a character.

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I really like characters with long coats.

Camus, Reinhardt, Robin and of course Klein are some of the best examples.


Mario Side B

The more down to earth designs.
A lot of Fire Emblem does have outlandish clothes, but not often too much.

And I’ve got a love for cool swords.

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well rounded personality



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I love how he looks like a thug who also gets straight As in school and works part time as a waiter

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I think you mean:


It’s a good thing best girl Nephenee has a shield, but I agree we need more inf units with shields, alsI we need more inf females that uses axe’s in the game, as it stands right now we only have 3 inf axe females and 2 of them are seasonal’s while the other is not only prone to being able to get merges but so far prone to getting any Alt’s


Males wise, I’m generally ok with any kind of design, but I prefer fashion and clothing towards Navarre, Rutger, Reinhardt and Karel direction. No armor, wearing tops that stretch towards their feet level, and long pants. It gives me the feeling that they don’t need any armor to protect them from battles, which gives me the feeling that they’re primarily aggressive fighters, which said fighters r the ones I like in games/anime, etc.

Females r a little different. I generally like a little bit of armor and possibly a cape on them, bc it makes them look elegant powerful, and strong. Hence, for their fashion, I generally like either a short sleeved or long sleeve shirt, with no signs of cleavage or breasts, a skirt, and some thigh high boots/socks/stockings to compliment the outfit. Add in a chestplate, shoulder pads, knee guards, wtv, and it’ll b good for me. Add in a cape, and it’ll b perfect.

Examples (Female)

Long haired brunettes,short haired one’s as well loyal/fierce/competitive/always striving to be better and sword welding.Clothes that aren’t to revealing,but are obvious for battle.

The characters that fit some of these descriptions are Ayra,mia,hana,malice,athena,karla,larcei,fir,mareeta,say’ri,yuzu,tanith,and lucina I might be missing some,but these are the type characters I’m just weak for :smile:.

There are plenty other characters I like,but this is the traits that supersede everything else

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I love the weapon design and the decorations of the armors, even the dumbest ones have my total approve.
Also the peculiar design of some of their characters (Azura, Corrin have really interesting design choises).
To be more specific, i like female designs that aren’t centered on the sensuality, i’m not a fan of women with big badonkas, but they are nevertheless good for a overall character design (we can’t have all nun-like characters…)

I like it when a character looks cool
BK is the main example
Or F!Berkut


Long hair (for men).

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"What do you mean a bikini isn’t armor? "-IS
Seriously though I showed my friend pictures of W!Tharja, L!Tiki, LA!Lyn and Lukas and asked him to guess which ones were considered armored units. Unsurprisingly he got it wrong.

I really enjoy a nice color pallete.

such as gold, white, black, purple. (siegbert)

and i like the polished look to some of them

i also like practicality. looking at Seigbert, i can see someone going into battle with that. Seeing Winter Tharja, i think okay so she was basically on the way to the strip club to perform and got warped here.

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I just like pretty or cool looking designs with loads of detail, I’m a sucker for small details and intricate patterns.
Naga, HNowi, FBerkut, the hoshidan summer units (especially HSMicaiah with Yune in her sleeve in the damaged art), stuff like that.