Things You Still Want From 3H

So I love Fire Emblem 3H and I’m not trying to attack the game at all but I felt like there were more things that the game could have done to feel more complete.

  1. Being able to recruit route specific characters

For example, I feel that if you joined Edelgard then you should be able to use Edel’s retainers, specifically Ladislava. I also wish you could use “Monica” since she’s supposed to be joining the Black Eagles anyway. For the GD, I wish you could recruit Nadir and Judith. The Blue Lions, Jeritza and Felix’s dad. I feel that this would have made certain routes feel more unique, not that they already don’t, but it would have been nice to use these characters and see them interact with others through supports.

  1. Hilda’s Brother

They mention him so many times throughout the game but we never even see him. It’s crazy that we don’t know what he looks like considering the amount of times they talk about him. I really hope that he’s added in with DLC.

  1. A fifth route

I’m not saying the game needs to add another house or anything because that’d take a while and be kinda of funny that there was this mysterious other house that was never mentioned before. I’d like to see a route where all of the lords maybe band together over some higher power and I think it’d be interesting to see. Especially because I feel the main three definitely don’t need interact enough and it’d be interesting to see them all work together and interact a bit more.

  1. Supports

I like the support system in the game but a lot of supports left me wanting more. I didn’t like that a good amount of supports capped at b and I wish they kept S supports for people that weren’t Byleth. They could have given an S+ support for Byleth or something. Since some supports felt way too short.

  1. Quests after the timeskip

I wish there were more things to do during exploration after the skip. The exploration feature feels empty and kinda meaningless compared to before.

Otherwise, I was really happy with the game and it’s probably my favorite FE, I just wish there was a little more.


A bit of a nitpick from me,but the I found the Renown system to be both good and useful,but also tedious and inconvenient.

When you go New Game + for let’s say,the other routes,you keep the statues ‘‘status’’ and such,but at the same time,there’s so much stuff that needs Renown to get back it’s really hard to decide what you want when your initial renown is very low.

Like,do I want my professor level back?

What about my previous masteries?

Gotta have supports if you want to make recruiting easier.

I wish there was farmable Renown system that can both be fun and would give a lot more of it,I know the Battle version of things at the beginning of every week you can do this and you can earn renown by doing maps,but it’s a bit tedious to do,for me at least.

Besides that,I still have to do Blue Lions and Golden Deers route,so my view on things might change later on.

But it became my favourite FE game (granted,I only played 3,since Warriors doesn’t count,but I digress),it was still a great experience.

This. It’s stupid that except 4 characters (one for each route) we can’t recruit people after the timeskip. And some characters like Judith are very interesting imo


More than a 5th route (it could be bad like Revelation, I don’t want a “peace” ending) I want an extended cut or something like that. Add new chapters to every route, especially BE which has less chapters and explain better some things about the lore and the plot

More m/m supports and even platonic supports, like the one from SoV’s dlc

This, and I guess that something to do after the ending would be fun. It’s also stupid that you can’t spend time with the character that you married, since then the game ends

And you know, I wouldn’t mind new outfits for every characters. Byleth and the lords have an alternate outfit so it would be cool


In BE, 3 among my favorite characters in the game were never recruitable and it was almost heartbreaking for me: Fleche, Randolph, and Ladislava. They were such cool and fleshed out characters and Fleche was such a sweetheart. If they add a really good amount in the DLC, I hope these characters get their time to shine. Especially Fleche because she’s cute as a button.

I was going to post the concept I’ve seen fans do of Hilda’s brother but @Hrafn beat me to it. XD I want him added so bad and I want him to be as hot as his sister.

What I’m hoping for most I’ll include in a spoiler tag.

Minor Spoilers for End of 3H

I’d like to see a really good-sized expansion on the story involving the war against Those Who Slither in The Dark. I want more lore on Kronya, Solon, and Thales, especially Kronya so people can hopefully stop hating her so much after she gets a little more fleshed out.


Something to get rid of the 50000 lost items you won’t use after the timeskip since some characters aren’t here anymore
And there’s the same problem with the fish competition for Flayn, or maybe I am dumb because I can’t get rid of some special fishes


I feel you after timeskip and I also want the other Caspar


Don’t you mean “fleshed out at all”? :tooobin:

Well given that part of the expansion pass is “new story content, characters and locations” I genuinely think we will be getting another path as DLC. It’s just the obvious thing to do.

One thing I would have liked would be a “free house” mode for ng+. Basically you would still choose a house to follow the story of, but would get to choose which characters start in your house. Then you could do a playthrough with all your favorites from the start. Hell, even let us have all three lords if you wanted. Any playable character would be fair game, regardless of their role in the story. Obviously this mode would be more as a fun extra for those who have already beaten the game.
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I legit went back in my BE because having all of those special fishes triggered me lmao

I got lucky in my GD file and pulled the fish she wanted on my first time, so I didn’t know true suffering back then.


I’m expecting more of a sidestory from the DLC.
Like Future Past, Heirs of Fate and Rise of the Deliverance with 4-6 chapters.


Please no

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I suppose it’s also possible. I just hope they don’t add an obvious “true ending” a la Revelations, since the story works better being morally ambiguous as to which side is right and wrong.

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I’d like a little story where you play as Seiros and fight against Nemesis, that ends with the opening of the main game.

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She’s such a queen, it actually killed me that you can’t recruit her. It’s also weird because of how important she is to the story too.

A king. It’s actually whack that he doesn’t show up considering how often they mention him and his importance towards the end of the GD route.

Also I mainly just want a route where you can use the three lords because they have very little interaction which bothers me.

PLEASE, especially since M Byleth is hot and I know there are other guys who would hit it.

I wish everyone had the alternate hairstyle for new game+

Also I wish we could switch back the hair color during new game+, I know why we can’t but I like Byleth’s OG color so much better.


Who is this blessing we don’t deserve???


Oh, I wish Byleth and Jeralt at least had a B support or something. It’s weird that I can’t talk, have tea, or any meaningful interactions with my own dad.


Same. Well off to work :catdespair:


Wait actually, who is this? Lol

Never thought of that…
There really isn’t a reason you can’t support him, since you can still have supports with other unrecruitable characters.


Didn’t you meet him too? I think it was Randolf