THINK FAST: Your barrack space will be reduced to 4 spaces, who will you keep? :feh_lynfingers:

Basically you only get 1 team that you have to use for everything, don’t cheat :feh_felixperish: All your other units, as well as all your orbs will be Thanos snapped :feh_no_orbs:

Which units are the most valuable to you? Do you consider gameplay or is it just favoritisme?

These are mine. Part of why I chose B!Edelgard and original Sothis is because they will get a refine in the near future.


combination of favoritism and team usability

my two favorite Ikes, B!Hector for being a stupid good blue unit and he’s my only max merged Hector, and Mist for magical damage and debuffing, as well as rounding out the colors

if I just went pure favoritism then there’d be terrible color coverage


As much as it would pain me to leave out Dagr, practically speaking Eitri is a lot more versatile. No healing for Lucina and Arden would kinda suck though.

Builds if curious


A combination of favoritism and usability, in that order. Picked my favorite from each color.


Hard call between Yen’fay and Duo!Edelgard, as they’re both my favorite Red units; but in the end I needed a tank unit, so I went with Yen’fay instead. He also has Noontime, for healing.

Masqurade Eldigan

Hands-down my strongest and most favorite of Blue unit and he’s SUPER versatile. He can offer Dance support, if needed, or he can take to the field and wreck bitches. All-around, a good unit to have that I personally adore.

Ninja Corrin

It was Corrinja or S!Elise, but Corrinja is clearly stronger and still retains the Elise factor, so they won out - even beating my Brave Edelgard, but I’ll be damned if I’m not saving an Elise.

Ascended Laegjarn

My favorite Ascended unit, it was her or Summer Noire. Decided on Laegjarn because п猫R just absolutely kills it with their artwork, and I want to save one.

You said units disappear, what about Manuals? If manuals vanish too, then I’ll have to give her my unusued Shinon for Deadeye before he goes away. :v

Oh, this is easy!

But in the spirit of the post Id have to go with...

No BS just fun TACTICAL clears of Abyssal maps.


This is my current A-team:


And their builds, for anyone interested:

These are some of my most invested units - all of them are +10 and have full DFs.

Putting them all on one team gives me full color coverage, as well as both physical and magical damage. Having a healer is also good for longer fights.

Masked Marth serves as the main frontline fighter.
B!Lucina provides support and movement assistance, but can also tank physical hits.
Cecilia hard counters a lot of colorless units and fliers, with the added bonus of cavalry mobility and Reposition.
B!Veronica keeps everyone healthy and provides buffs and damage for emergencies.

Of the units that I was able to fully invest in, these are my favorites.
I’ve left a lot of units out simply because I’ve never had the resources to build them up the way I wanted to.


Went for a full colour option of my best from each. As I only build favourites, it’s both gameplay and favouritism.



Hope to get Lethality and Time’s Pulse for her someday.

Would’ve loved to have my +10 picnic twins but Chrom and Myrrh edge both out.


This wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be actually!
I use this team regularly, Mariannes + Galeforce unit. Edelgard being red balances out Marianne being blue.


Hmmmm…Edel, Edel, Edel and…Larf :catclap:



What is this cartoonish supervillainy

These would be mine. I picked favorites, fortunately they also form a mostly functional team.


I guess my invested 5* exclusives :heart_eyes:



Valentia time!

This team has some good synergy.

Spring Sonya is the teleporting nuke and has a useful Harmonic button.

Spring Delthea debuffs foes and crushes foes that would’ve given Sonya a hard time.

Duma is my the main tank.

V!Palla is a tank vantage sweeper hybrid.


Not having a dancer or healer sucks but they can manage.


Power, Fun, Utility, and Cancer. The perfect balance. Ngl tho, the last slot is flexible and I’d probably replace with Duo Thorr or maybe Harmonic Azura if I had the choice.


Here’s my Elite 4:


He may have joined the “elite” only since very recently, he may be very cancerous, but I consider now as a unit that would probably stay in my elite for a very long time.
He’s not only extremely powerful, but he’s also very fun to play. Very few units can contest his fearsome Player Phase and thanks to the Smoke, he’s also very hard to defeat in Enemy Phase. The Canto makes him icredibly fun to play, as it makes him very versatile. He is such a blessing for my Arena team, and he made Arena noticeably more fun since he joined wind Wind core.

Sure, it saddens me to drop Reginn, especially since she was my first 5 star exclusive to +10 (and Sigurd was an indirect consequence of that lol), but Sigurd is probably much stronger overall.


Probably my oldest merge project in FEH. She carried so much in my early game in FEH and allowed me to discover one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem. She’s also very strong and can get a stupid amount of stats. The double effectiveness is also incredibly useful and will probably get better over time.
There’s just no way I would drop her.


An accidental merge project that resulted from the Reginn one (and then Lilina resulted to an accidental L!Sigurd project lol). She’s very fun to use. Very few units can stand her devastating AoE. It’s so satisfying to use. Very few units can stand her sheer firepower. I used her to clear so many hard content, and became one of my favorite units.


Of course, I had to keep a Corrin, and it will obviously be this one. She has strong stats everywhere, she can get very strong DR while hitting hard. There’s also a lot of different builds I could try at some point. She’s one of the projects I’m the most proud of, so it was obvious that i was going to keep her.

Overall, they’re the units I’m the most attached to, the most invested and they would be a good mix between being fun to play and being powerful.


Brave Edelgard = The Tank
Brave Lysithea = The ranged magic DPS
Duo Ephraim = Getting a bit outdated but I still really enjoy him
Duo Catria = Incredible support unit and hits like a truck


Those 4

B-Hector is still a huge threat, great near or save tank. And i like the character.

Thorr is fun to use. Great galeforce unit. Can deal with armor units, and worldbreaker is nice for the team. Cool character too

Duo Dagr is nuts. And the big sistas are awesome as characters.

And Aversa is a great assist unit. Always useful and with hier refine she’s able to slay some enemy. Peony would claim this 4th slot, but a red unit seems important for coverage.


Lots and lots of fav, but thoses 4 have followed me since their releases and served me well.

One was (and still is, but I use him more for fighting and less for others things) my go-to swiss knife and team filer. Is my favorite vilain ever and one of my fav chara, he got a nice refine but is growing old… I still use him in AR and everything, he cleared every abyssal released as solo damage dealer (with a cheese mec I know I know, but still !)

Another One got an awesome refine that turned him into a god (guess who!) But he was my first 5*+10 exclusive way before his refine. And god it feels good to got the premium OP unit that shaked the meta at +10 for once as F2P! He still carry me hard, and god save is awesome! I need an A!Fjorm now to bring him up to the next level!

The next one is my 2nd 5*+10 and my most expensive unit ever, ~3k5 orbs to +10, he was reaaaally strong at his release with a good prf, but hasn’t aged very well (still used him everywhere), until I got B!Edel… I didn’t used him anymore after that, his remix got me hyped until I see the average level of support : a glorified TP isn’t very good as prf C slot when we see Nifl’s and others prf C slot… an armored without save isn’t very usefull in competitive mode outside of offensives powerhouse, which he isn’t really.
His refine (which was released for no reason 2 fucking month laters) luckily was really strong and gave him a new life (litteraly), I now use him everywhere instead of B!Edel and even if she will be even stronger with her refine, he’ll still be in my heart forever!
Btw I almost never use him with his prf C slot…

And the last one. Was the best surprise I’ve ever had. I started building him because I build EVERY soeda ippei unit and I like him. He was kinda a bummer with a lowish speed and QR is trash… Then I had an epiphany : “why not try to bring his speed to more acceptable level for trying to doubles unit?” And BOUM, atk/spd solo was a premium skill but I launched on him noneless, add galeforce and HB S slot, and god it was a wonderfull feeling, like an armored unit at 3 mvt, and for real it is a wonderfull experience. And when he was growing old (but still way better than L! Hector) he got a very good refine that kind of ruined a 1turn galeforce without TP but ruined many more ennemies!
Fun fact : before his refine he screwed a lot of peoples AR-matches (peoples understimated him a lot), now he screw even more with the peoples who forgot his flash effect!

And that’s it, my 4 fav units!


How else am I going to clear their quests? :feh_alfonsedone:


This is incredibly hard