Think I’m going to use Sophia instead of Ny!Alf

I find her more fun to use.
Before mythic buffs:

After mythic buffs:

I have her fight with Miss Guard here

How did she do?

This was after getting hit with Draconic aura. I messed up the timing when taking the screenshot.
I also wish I took more screen shots.
What I find strange is that an Ophelia decided not to attack her when she was open, which means she didn’t kill her and died as a result.
I’d probably use Alf if there are a lot of blues.
Alf with mythic buffs

Pros and cons (without either having Summoner Support and both have Mirror stance):

  • Sophia will have more HP res and Spd… that last one doesn’t matter much. This is on EP.

  • Alf will have higher attack and one higher Def compared to sophia’s EP. He will have higher res as well on PP.

  • Alf has The Button™ able to spam regenerating specials immediately unless Duo Hinderance.

  • Alf prevents doubling.

  • Sophia can double at high health, even against slow Wary Fighters.

  • Sophia is great against colorless.

  • Not many would complain that a Sophia rekted their defense because I messed up and didn’t do it Alfonse is pretty cheesy.


I won my match today with unmerged duo alfonse :P


She’ll be more fun when you finish that Summoner Support :eyes:

Also I hope you have some form of Guard for her.


She kills pretty well with QR and Bonfire. She took no damage from Draconic Aura from duma (though he had -7 attack from the smoke. She can get overwhelmed by a bunch of enemies attacking her at one time though.

my defense claimed a fonse scalp today. for shame…

are you using him with corrin? once corrin can soak his chills/shrines, he’s pretty hard to stop, and corrin can do it easily with fury if he doesn’t have summoner support. if he does i think he would need fort def/res assuming they were similar merge level.

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