Think of One Servant From Each Class Before Coming in Here

Alright! Now each Servant you thought of has to live in your house with you! And with each other, of course :smirk:

Who did you think of and why? Is your place still standing by the end of the week? Does it devolve into an all-out brawl? Or a harem comedy? :rofl:


Well, I thought of my favorite of each class obviously.

Musashi, Gilgamesh, Karna, Merlin, First Hassan, Ozmandias, and Nightingale.

I’m pretty sure Musashi provoking all these strong servants to a fight, Gilgamesh and Ozy’s egos together and Nightingale existing in general will result in my house being destroyed in one day.


Extra - Jeanne.
Saber - Saber.
Archer - Euryale.
Lancer - Scathach.
Rider - Ozymandias.
Caster - Waver.
Assassin - Shuten.
Berserker - Cu (Alter).

… Honestly, it’s mostly Shuten and Ozymandias who would be causing a big stir, altogether, and Saber and Jeanne would be a reasonable counter-balance. Despite EPU, it’s not as if Cu (Alter) and Scathach are inherently at odds, and the former is still the latter’s pupil in a very distorted sense. Euryale, surely, would find my try to manage any ruckus quite a laugh even though she’d excellently cover it… and work her way around Waver like nobody’s business, and thereby much of the fuss as well as I can imagine him being called upon to manage even petty fights willingly and unwillingly (at least substantially so he can return to his games). Jeanne and Saber, probably Ozy and Cu, Waver and Scathach, and I think perhaps even Euryale and Shuten would all get along variously well, though not at the same exact level.
For a charitable angle, lol. Certainly, a lot of this sort of stuff does assume whether everyone is Bond 0/1 (in which case… frankly a majority of cases would go horribly awry), or Bond 3~5 (a different kettle of fish and much less likely to end up in destruction while still being interesting.
I say mostly Shuten and Ozy due to their oni nature and utter ego respectively, a Cu (Alter) not from EPU proper would still easily rip a puny human in two but isn’t quite the grail-distorted-wet-dream monstrosity that he is there, and because Scathach is there, a lot of leverage is already accounted for. Jeanne is perfectly used to managing folks and blending in, and Artoria’s no slouch in that department either. Waver is of course the pro gamer bro peak. How our new roommates exactly fall into our laps in the first place would also influence things, though I’m imagining a… relatively neutral place. Certainly no meeting on the toilet.


Assassin-Li Shuwen

Overall incredibly chill house, I predict gaming, sparring and discussions on martial arts/war strategies. Spars may sometimes go overboard and cause property damage. Also Iskandar declares everyone to be in his army.


I only need this puppy

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I mean, wouldn’t everyone think of their favorites? Considering they have one in every class.
Well, my list goes:

Saber: Musashi
Archer: Ishtar
Lancer: Nagao Kagetora
Rider: Marie Antoinette
Caster: Circe
Assassin: Serenity
Berserker: Nobu (alright, somehow she came first to mind here)
Ruler: Martha
Avenger: Jalter
Alter Ego: Meltryllis
Foreigner: Abigail

What would this life be like? A dream-like Harem!
Then again, some of these probably wouldn’t get along all that well.
Ishtar and Jalter would probably start making trouble most of the time.
Nobu Berserker would join them just for the fun of it.
Meltryllis would make it worse to see me suffer.
Then it would need either Marie or Abigail to calm them down again and make life peaceful again (best case scenario) or Martha beats 'em to a pulp with her iron fists (worst case scenario).

Saber: Arturia
Archer: Arturia
Lancer: Eresh
Rider: Maid Alter
Caster: Nero
Assassin: Shuten
Berserker: Ecchan
Ruler: Jeanne
Avenger: JAlter
Alter Ego: Melt
Moon Cancer: BB
Foreigner: Abigail

Hm… hard to say what’ll happen here. :sweat_smile:

I have a more trouble shooters than troublemakers but the troublemakers are some of the worst there are. JAlter is heavy in violence, BB would pull all manner of pranks 24/7, and Shuten would be drinking all day long while trying to get everyone to join her. I’m sure Shuten will also pick fights now and then.

Archuria is competitive so she might get drawn into those situations even if she tried to keep the peace. Nero and Maid Alter are hit or miss as likely to help resolve issues as cause them.

Ecchan could be bribed to either side with sweets. Melt will almost always side against BB but may cause trouble if she feels like it.

Arturia, Eresh, and Jeanne are the only ones who would help me keep the peace when needed though If I wanted to go along with the craziness Arturia would be much harder to convince compared to Eresh and Jeanne.

I’d say the house has a decent chance to survive as long as I can find a good balance of indulging the troublemakers and keeping them in line.

And all the while Abby is caught in the middle as one side tried to corrupt her while the other helps her stay a good girl.

Oh boy. I can only imagine the chaos.

Saber: Okita
Archer: Moriarty
Lancer: Jaguar Warrior
Rider: Marie Antoinette
Caster: Circe
Assassin: Shuten
Berserker: Ibaraki
Ruler: Sherlock
Avenger: Lobo
Alter Ego: Kiara
Foreigner: Abigail

I think Sherlock and Okita would have their hands full trying to keep things in order. Jaguar would try to help, but end up making things worse. Moriarty would definitely try to make things worse. Shuten and Ibaraki would have a never-ending house party. Lobo would demand walks and raw flesh in his food bowl. Kiara would try to indoctrinate everyone into her sex cult. Marie would painfully try to be hip and with it.

And I think Moriarty would take breaks from screwing with Sherlock to be Best Papa to Abigail.

Well, I defaulted to my grail list

Well, what could happen? Might dust off my chemistry lab skills with paracelsus and try experimenting, probably with Holmes being nosy and elaborating with every mistake (“well it might be true that bleach is another household base, but did you think of the byproducts besides neutralizing acid that would be released if you tried to substitute bleach for baking soda when the box was empty?” for example)

I know ozy and arash have some sort of relationship, so they’ll get along (btw, where did that come from, am I forgetting part of camelot or is it in Prototype or another branch of fate I haven’t delved?). Also arash is just so good natured he’d probably play peacekeeper.

Cu would probably be chill unless someone picked a fight. Holmes might get to him. I’d imagine Sasaki being chill as well.

Both Lancelot versions, not sure how that would play out. I just know I’d have to watch out… Being married and all. Maybe having the mad aftermath of his legendary affair in front of him could possibly check him.


Saber - Lizzy
Archer - Paris
Lancer - Lizzy
Rider - Astolfo
Assassin - Sanson
Caster - Lizzy
Berzerker - Musashi
Ruler - Amakusa
Avenger - Jalter
Moon cancer - BB
Alter Ego - Lizzy

I feel like I won’t have a house after only an hour :fgo_jeannu:


Or the ability to hear, really.

At least you’ve got Sanson there to… let you down easy, if the time ever comes.

@Mysty Prototype.


Wow lol, I can just imagine a house full of Lizzies…

Just glad you didn’t think of Nero too. Say goodbye to your hearing as well as your house :laughing:

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Assassin-Yan Quing
Berserker-Arjuna Alter

What a mostly chill harem :feh_navarreculture:. Forget the house getting destroyed by clashing egos in less than an hour, archer Gil will delete it because he didn’t like it :joy::joy::joy:


Saber : Salter
Archer : Moriarty
Lancer : Cù
Rider : Blackbeard
Caster : Illya
Assassin : Gramps
Berserker : Herc
Extra : Jalter

I will use my command spell to get Salter and Jalter making out all day and having Blackbeard records them. And while Illya and Herc are having fun bullying Cù, I will enjoy the view while chilling on a couch with Moriarty and Gramps.



The only i would like to have in my house are:

1- Tomoe Gozen. She seems friendly and i like onis.

2- Musashi and Sasaki. Musashi because i like friendly people who share my appreciation of alcohol. Not too much, of curse.
Sasaki because he is a traditional japanese samurai.
Plus, Musashi and Sasaki would keep fighting.

3- Ibaraki. Who would not want a grumpy not-scary oni around?

4- Tamashark, because why not having a dangerous waifu around, ready to tease you and drugging you in order to do what she wants with you? (This is valentine CE story )

Lastly, i want Quetzcoatl.

Why Quetz? I need someone to protect me from Tamashark. Quetz would be a sort of protective friend i need to keep tamashark in check.

Oh, i want also Leonidas. Personal trainer, so i will not waste money for a gym. He will take care of my sport training

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This is the very best use of a command spell I’ve ever seen. :fgo_ereshwoah:


The first thing for me to do was think of my “top” servant that I personally own in each class. Top kind of varies though…
Ofc, I want sure if we meant “the main 7” or extra classes included.

Saber: Shiki. Not my strongest yet but she will be. Also is probably the only one that can make some peace in this crazy house.
Lancer: Elizabeth. She’ll be outclassed at some point but has a special place for me. That said, that’s only when she doesn’t sing.
Archer: Nobbu. I might had picked someone else if I cared to “pick and choose” off some more complex basis, but when the topic just says “one servant of each class,” well, I mostly end up just picking the ones I use. Nobbu is hectic but cool.
Assassin: Carmilla. Okay, look at my lancer again. I would have probably not wanted Carmilla anyway, but it’s so much worse with Elichan.
Rider: Kintoki. Does he count? If not, then Georgios, but I think of Kintoki as more of a rider than a berserker.
Caster: Helena. I haven’t pulled anyone"stronger" but she does well enough.
Berserker: Kiyohime. I mean, being real, I could have picked much worse for this slot, and considering Kiyo actually holds a waifu status for me, I don’t think she would be too much of a hassle. Other than the fact that… Glances at the lancer again

Honorable mentions!(?)
Shielder: who else? Mash feels like comic relief in this scenario, the one to always call out how wild things are but not really do anything about it.
Moon Cancer: I heard there was another one but I don’t know anything about it, so in comes bb. Let’s hope she’s more tame here; she can be good but she can also be a nuisance.
Avenger: Jalter. The exception since Jalter is the de facto avenger, and I’ve barely ever used my own (big doggo). Possibly an issue depending on “when” she’s summoned.
Ruler: the…other exception, since I only just pulled Amakusa, but have had a friend support Jeanne for ages. Guess who else isn’t playing nice together.
Alter Ego: Passionlip. Out of the whole list, I think her and Shiki will be the only tolerable ones.
Foreigner: weird because I thought of Abby, but mentally pictured Hokusai instead. I think this goes to Abby though.

Since most people picked just one extra class, if I narrowed it down, it absolutely would have been Passionlip.

Would I change this list if I knew the premise beforehand? Oh absolutely, I’d keep a few but replace anyone who is just gonna cause Carnage. But this was a fun little thought experiment, I liked seeing where this went.

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I purposely chose servants who are a) not my top faves b) not ones that I use regularly or don’t have at my chaldea or c) a combination of a and b. I like to spice things up and give myself something unusual. My choices were based on the first servant that came to mind and passed the criteria. The only exception to the rule were J Alter due to other choices on the list I couldn’t get her out of my head and momentarily forgot who the other avengers were. The other is BB since I mostly follow Na so she wins by default.

The best way to describe any situation with me and servants is somewhere between this:



and this:



The List:

Saber: Suzuka
Archer: Moriarty
Lancer: Li Shuwen
Rider: Medb
Caster: Gilles de Rais
Assassin: Hundred Face Hassan
Berserker: Caligula
Ruler: Jeanne Ruler
Avenger: Jeanne Alter
MoonCancer: BB
AlterEgo: Meltryllis
Foreigner: Abby
Beast: Tiamat

Weekly Itinerary

Monday (1st half): Suzuka and I doing JK things.

Monday (2nd half): Moriarty and I doing old man things. He’s also either teaching me complex mathematics that I fail at or we’re doing Detective Conan like mysteries around the house/city.

Tuesday (1st half): Training with Li and having wuxia adventures with Hong Kong cinema action. Hopefully by the end of one year I’ll firebend, learn my nen type, and control my breathing so I can crush rocks without killing the frog on top.

Tuesday (2nd half): :underage:

Wednesday (1st half): Learning black magic with Gilles so I can summon Mamodos and anti-magic swords. Ohh and also :underage: .

Wednesday (2nd half): I learn the creed of assassins with HF Hassan. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. I also hang with a different group of personalities each time and spend Eid al-Fitr with them.

Thursday (1st half): Caligula and I spread the word of Neroism and give out Umu pamphlets. Anyone who disagrees we :underage: and :underage: till :underage: so now they have to :underage: backwards.

Thursday (2nd half): Spreading the word of God and taking beach trips with Jeanne. Making sandcastles and swimming. For real. We’re just wholesome and annoyingly cute.

Friday (1st half): Burning churches, schools and hospitals while riding dragons with Jeanne. Sometimes with people inside. And spreading the word of Satan. Anyone who disagrees we :underage: and :underage: till :underage: so they can only :underage: forwards.

Friday (2nd half): BB and I have hustling schemes & pranking games going on. We have a tally on the amount of people we make cry. Bonus points for hackers and nuns.

Saturday (1st half): A warm and loving, yandere embrace with Melt. If I try to leave too early she threatens to melt me into syrup. If she tries to leave too soon I threaten to use hamon to flatten her into a pancake. We’re the most perfect couple since Scum’s Wish and Aku no Hana.

Saturday (2nd half): Book reading. And I sometimes go inside her hole… keyhole to fight a bunch of tentacles and Kingdom Hearts monsters. I have the Oathkeeper and Lionheart keyblades. Pretty sure she has Oblivion and Ultima… and all the others.

Sunday: God’s day and communal spiritual orgy bath time. I rest because these servants are tiring.

Now some of the other dynamics:

Other Adventures

Now for everything else that happens in general, let’s see. Poor Jeanne and Abby. They are the only ones who try to maintain order. Everyone else would be, at the least uncaring (Li and Caligula doing their own things) or instigators at the worse (BB and me!).

Moriarty and HF Hassan are wild cards on whose side they are on. Jeanne / Melt are going to burn / flood the house. Thanks to Medb we run through a ton of air fresheners and bleach to cover up the stench of euphoric shame & sweat as Medb outdoes the main characters of Panty & Stocking w/Garterbelt. Li and Caligula always breaking stuff. Gilles always summoning stuff. The tentacle monsters ate the neighbor’s dog as well as did unspeakable things to twelve people in an all girls school.

Carrying Gilles to the doctor because Jeanne keeps poking his eyes out. Carrying Jeanne Ruler and Abby to the doctor from the near nervous breakdowns they have from cleaning up the messes of everyone else and making bail to get some of us out of jail (we have a delightful relationship with the local law enforcement).

And let’s not forget that time Medb reflected cheese back into a national hero’s throat causing him to choke. HF Hassan tried to perform the heimlich maneuver but a less gentle personality came up at the same time and broke two ribs and caused the others to puncture into their organs… We made up for it by carrying the coffin. We tried to do the coffin dance. We dropped the coffin and the body spilled out. We’re not allowed at funerals anymore.

But you’ll get touching and heartwarming scenes too. Like Gilles, the Jeannes, and Abby hanging out on the beach and teaching her to build sandcastles and pet dolphins. BB and Melt at a botanical garden not not being friends. Suzuka and Moriarty practicing their belligerent daughter / exasperated father relationship. Li and Hassan training and meditating together. Caligula, Medb and I stargazing at the moon talking about life, love, and leadership.

Of course there’s the Bottle Episode where we throw a surprise birthday party for Abby. And the other Bottle Episode where we throw a surprise birthday party for Moriarty (he’s forever 24 according to our cake). The Summer Festival Episode where a sad Medb and Suzuka spend time together. And of course we had that three-episode high animation tournament arc where Li, Hassan and I competed in, to get enough money to save the house. And that time Abby had to calm down a rage depressed Caligula for a day.

There is also that special two part OVA where Abby gets a Lahmu for a pet and we form a band so Tiamat can have her dream of singing on stage at a concert. The band was called ‘Mama Still Got It’. Medb is a master of wood instruments. Jeanne Alter is no longer allowed to play string instruments. Putting Melt on drums is the funniest thing BB and I came up with. Melt did not play drums in the concert.

Good times. Good times.

…. We lost the house.


Saber- Seiba
Lancer- Cu Chulainn
Archer- Eurael
Assasin- Cleopatra (I wonder why)
Caster- Cu Chulainn (caster, obviously)
Rider- Quetzalcoatl
Berserker- Kiyohime
Alter Ego- Kiara
Moon Cancer- BB
Avenger- Angry Mango
Ruler- Jeanne
Foreigner- Abigail

In conclusion: my home is a smoking crater and I might be dead. Going down the list, I actually felt I was getting some agreeable if not mostly manageable personalities. Then Kiyohime happens and for obvious reasons things go south. It then reaches Antarctica when introducing Kiara and Angry Mango though one is likely to kill me while the other is more likely to provoke every other servant.

Overall I’m just surprised more of my favorites from each class didn’t come to mind first, though it’s more understable seeing as how when choosing I just threw out the class name and saw what my brain came up with.



Maid Alter

Arjuna Alter


I think it would be everything.