Thinking of merging Virion

That new banner got me thinking of merging regular Virion.

I have boons for Hp, Atk, Spd, and Res. I know building a boon in Hp is ideal but I’m half tempted to build Spd.

I’ve done a little research on Virion already but I’d like to see how everyone else builds him so I can get a more accurate idea on how to use him.


@HeavenlyTempest @Sir_of_Coffee @everyone else that’s building him (cause there’s a fair few, @SafCar for example)


So I just cooked up this bad boy on unit builder. Turns out that he can reach a decent spd stat when he’s maxed out.

With SS3 and JHS he’s hitting 52 spd during combat and with the lull skill nerfs the opponent’s spd by -3 and removes bonuses.

For combat, atk spd solo with desperation.
That bulk of Virion is surprisingly high


I’m mostly building mine up for Panic/Reciprocal Aid support, but I’m still waiting on an HP Boon

I don’t go too overboard with HP because i feel 60 is enough for him to start speccing into a Boost seal, especially with Blessings. I am running this with L!Celica and L!Roy, which gives me even more of a reason to run Boosts instead. I just Keep C Duel because i plan to use him in arena

He can run Spd based kits to be more offense based, but I just wanted a Panic Support that wasn’t Aversa. If you want to go full offense, you could try some neat builds like Z Man suggested.


Id say he is pretty solid with that dignified refine. Have fun.


Hp boon is ok, but I wouldn’t say it’s his best unless you’re using him on AR defense without mythics. For me, he’s been most useful when he is built for combat to some extent, in either phase.

I run him in AR with HP/spd seal and panic ploy in C and he hits the relevant HP thresholds without the boon (at least he will when merged fully). Spd boon is probably the best when merged imo. Great thing about him is that this way, his A and B slots are totally free. There are often more useless units in AR to slap chills onto, so I think his A and B should be geared toward combat. 50/36 offenses with 5 DFs and his prf isn’t too shabby.


Add me to the list:

+attack here and he’s been pretty good.

Curious why you have both his bow and Panic Ploy. I understand his bow only inflicts panic if they have adjacent foes, but it’s kinda odd to also use his C-slot (or Seal?) for essentially the same thing.

I’d build whichever one you’d like. Really cases can be made for any boon. HP is not the one and only best. It is best for AR-Defense. Res isn’t too bad to add a few additional points there. Attack/Speed for more offensive sets/multiple modes usage. So if you want speed, do it!

This is what I’m running on mine currently. Has a very nice mix of support while also being able to do well on combat. That 60 HP really adds to his longevity.
It’s also really cheep, all are skills found on 4* units and a seal pretty much nobody else wants anyways


Why panic ploy over literally any other slot c skill?

For even more chances to cause P a n i c :feh_ardenwoke:
Also it’s pretty cheap

Panic ploy allows you to cause panic on units even if they are not next to each other. It’s an extra layer of panic assurance

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But then why use Virion over any other high-hp unit? Or why use PRF over say a slaying or brave bow? The whole point of Dignified Bow is so you don’t need panic ploy

I think the point of the Bow is to spread it across the enemy team (and the Spectrum +4), Panic Ploy just helps it spread further. Not like it’s causing too much harm, the C slot isn’t one of much importance. :eyes:


It’s more that you don’t need Sudden Panic. Panic Ploy has a different effect than his bow does

I usually run it too, but only on Non-Infantry Teams with Virion. If it’s a big Infantry Team I just go for the Pulse skill instead.

Otherwise, Savage Blow can be a good C Skill since it can help him outdo other HP tank units like Aversa or Arden with chip damage

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Haven’t really found anything else useful in C slot since I don’t need pulse on him. I find panic ploy useful on defense to guarantee panic (I usually use him with Thrasir) on a chokepoint I otherwise wouldn’t be able to cover. I might switch from Luna to aoe for thrasir though, which in case he’ll need pulse.

Under player control on offense, it’s pretty hit or miss, but I think it is definitely worth having a controllable, reliable source of panic to screw over the occasional team.

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It’s what the king deserves