This AA is beyond toxic

Bruh , I just found a match on AA, not even high score, and I had to face L!Julia, Aversa and B!Micaiah at the same time. It was a nightmate for sure one of them is a headache but the three of them come on.
Even demons have limits on how bad they can be.

But thats not all, I found a match with sothis, 2x L!Azura and nowi. Like… Are you even trying or you just put your most annoying units together. Like those teams with ,Alm+0, and 3 ultra whale units +10.

All things said I still won both battles.


Nice work, I guess. PvP be like that sometimes.

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I personally don’t find those teams toxic, but congrats for beating them if you do :partying_face:

No, this was me sweating salt. This one of the most effective teamcomps, due to the “low” conditions to activate their effects, and it’s fair because this person may be giving up score for consistent defense wins.

I hope he enjoys the way he’s playing. It was a difficult match and I hope I don’t find more like this in near future.

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