This banner is a huge disappointment (salt warning)

Yeah so before I start this is going to a very salty, very ranting post that may very well upset some people with the stuff I’m about to say. So if you feel like that might apply to you I suggest you back out now.


So this banner feels like it was the final straw that broke me and has firmly shifted my opinion on 3H and its impact on FE and the community to a negative one. I was already getting tired of seeing the game everywhere in FE stuff. On Reddit, YT, and of course Feh to name some of the main things I use and thus see it on. And I am just so tired of seeing it. 3H getting so much attention in Feh with a ton of units in a relatively short period of time, many of which are incredibly strong too. The game still having way more discussion, art, etc. online than other games. It’s just getting annoying seeing the same thing constantly. And I know some will say that I should just wait for the next game to come out so people will move on to that, but that doesn’t address the core problem. The problem of one game being so overwhelmingly popular that it hogs all the attention from both IS and fans. Because it’s not about 3H specifically but what it represents, and the (negative imo) impact it has had on the series and community. I think a good example outside of FE would be Persona 5 and how much exposure and attention that game has gotten compared to the other games in its series.

As for the banner itself, also a disappointment. Aside from being even more 3H, it confirmed something I said a while ago during CYL: Popular characters like Marianne were always going to get in, people did not need to vote for her in CYL for that to happen. So I’m going to apologize to Marianne fans now because I’m sorry but all this has ruined her for me. Every time I see people posting art and stuff of her it just makes me mad again. She will forever be the character who unjustly stole something I had been trying to get for 4 years. All because she wasn’t in the game and her fans were impatient. These things are planned well in advance, so this banner was already coming well before CYL happened. So after trying to get the character I love to win for 4 years, after she had been screwed over multiple times she finally has the best shot she ever had and then the new kid comes in and pulls the rug out from under her. It basically feels like working for years to get a promotion only for someone who started working 2 weeks ago to get it instead. I had wanted Eirika to win CYL for years at this point, and to see her in 1st only to lose it to someone because they weren’t in yet was and still is infuriating to me. CYL is not about getting people in, it’s about brave alts. Which is why I’ve been saying there should be a separate vote for that for a very long time now, but that’s beside the point. And I am fully aware that I am being petty as ■■■■ right now, that I should be happy that Eirika still got 2nd, that she already has a number of alts. But I just can’t be happy about it. I know it’s petty but that’s just the way I feel.

And then moving on to the rest of the banner, it ranges from “whatever” to “downright disappointing.” We see even more ridiculous power creep with stuff like Ingrid and Dedue (to a lesser extent) that just makes the gap between new and old units even worse. But at this point I think I might be numb to that. What I’m definitely not numb to is the treatment of demotes and f2p units. People may have saw a comment I made last night about the banner saying how bad I thought Linhardt was. And I think people got the wrong idea from that. He’s bad, and I feel bad for people who were looking forward to him. Because he didn’t deserve to be shafted that badly. Because not only is his base kit terrible, he’s yet another healer demote who will probably be almost identical to the like 20 others we have. Which is just incredibly annoying. We keep getting so many demotes and f2p units that are nearly identical while plenty of classes haven’t gotten anything in so long. Armors of all types have barely gotten any demotes in the normal pool (axes especially have never gotten one aside from Sheena). Green mages haven’t had one since Boey. Lance infantry are still stuck with launch units of Oboro, Donnel and Lukas. Just to give some examples. And grail units aren’t much better. And speaking of grail units, while not confirmed as of writing this, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Solon was yet another mediocre red mage with mediocre skills and a gimmicky weapon. And it’s just getting annoying seeing how f2p/demotes are treated when 5 star exclusives are ridiculously strong.

Well if you’ve actually made it this far I want to say thanks for reading my salty rant on FE and I hope I don’t piss too many people off with this thing.


I share the same salty taste and voice as you.
The saturation of 3 houses is absolutely atrocious.
But agree. It’s definitely frustrating


Yes, this fictional character is a true villain for “stealing” the top spot from another fictional character that you happen to like more


Damn, lmao. Ya show zero sympathy.

Man, this is how ya get people upset. Disagree all you want but put up some effort, fren.


Minimal effort is my brand


It’s a shitty one at that.




I’m not gonna write a whole thesis just because somebody else did

Throwing a fit isnt effort


The comments section is uncomfortable LOL

But I just wanna say that even if it can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that it’s just a game at the end of the day. I know you’re upset by how things turned out and all, and we can all get like that but Marianne is just a drawing, so I wouldn’t try to let it consume me or anything.

I also like Eirika and tbh Three Houses isn’t even in my top 3 or 5 FEH games (maybe 5 depends on the day) - So I’m also fatigued with it, but that’s what people like. I’m not saying you can’t be salty but just remember it’s just a game and people can like whatever they want


Feh section been kinda wobbly these past couple months


I was more in the FGO section before but I came back recently because I started playing again

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It’s a disappointing because Cornelia isn’t the GHB, I need my bad bitch.


I thought they would have jumped on that ngl


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