This berry-feeding moe-foe

I’ve been waiting for new gyms for about 2 years now. I’m sick of these gyms. This little no-life always beats out two gyms and places his Blisseys in them. He DOES NOT take his eye off them! He’s never late to feed a berry to them. And for background, he kicks low-level and newly-placed pokemon players out of BOTH gyms just to slot his in, despite there being other full gyms nearby. So he’s clearly an asshole.

My friend and I spent a few minutes kicking just his Blisseys out, after a few tries, we got them. We wanted to get one gym for ourselves so we could get some coins so we continued to battle the other pokemon. But then the next player continued feeding the pokemon. Soon, I saw the Blissey owner guy’s head peeking out from around the corner trying to find out who was battling the gym. I say to my friend “oh there he is!” and he pulls back.
Anyway, because my friend and I were stuck battling endlessly, he managed to slot his Blissey back on top. It took us THIRTY more minutes to get back to the Blissey and knock it out again. And here is again, with two Blisseys atop the gyms.
So, 50 minutes spent gaining nothing, and, losing 50 minutes.

Moral of the story? Niantic sucks at gym design and needs to address bullshit issues like these.

Honestly, I never understood wanting to hold gyms that bad. The only reward is coins and you get those after ~8Pokemon/hrs. smh

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If I read your story correctly, it sounds like this player primarily focuses on the two gyms that you were battling him at (since you said there were other gyms nearby that he had ignored). If that’s the case, it might be better to just ignore those two gyms and get yourself into other ones this player doesn’t frequent as often and avoid the headache entirely.

I’ve come across players who can get quite possessive of gyms like this, typically in the vicinity of where they live/work. It’s a pain, sure, but technically what this player is doing (repeatedly taking/berrying the gym) is well within the game’s design. You can’t change the way they play; you can only change how you play.

Typically, the only time I see people aggressively trying to hold a gym is when they’re working towards turning it gold. Apart from that, it’s usually players who have the luxury of living/working on top of a gym who will do the same. Because reasons. :yum:

Tbh, I love raiding and fighting gyms so thats why It makes me feel good to see other players struggling with my Blissey.


Yes the berry system has to be changed ASAP…You shouldn’t be able to hog a gym and prevent anyone from taking it as long as you’re on your guard. Remote feeding shouldn’t even be possible. GRBs obviously need to have their effect reduced after a couple of feeds.

…or rather you could try the 3-room glitch? You’ll need a 3rd friend however.

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Removing it would only benefit spoofers, who can fly over to the gym to berry their defenders.


I get that it’s within the game’s design, my problem is that it’s aggressive play which Niantic does seem to have a help page for. Also, it speaks to Niantic’s inability to understand their customer and basically endorse this kind of gameplay.
It’s simply bullshit.

Or join his team and then you can place your Pokémons along side his blissey

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I know how you feel. There was a guy like that in my local park sometimes. He would place a Blissey in every single gym in the park, and spam GRBs to them whenever he’s on guard. I would have to be lucky to catch him off guard. Thankfully, he’s not as active anymore.

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When I am attacking the gym I imagine my Machamp saying “ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!” While attacking a Blissey.

When I notice on time that the Blissey I left on a gym I take is under attack, I wait for it to be very low on motivation and feed it with a Golden Berry and hear the laugh at the end of Thriller inside my head.


You also shouldn’t be able to take out a gym of maxed out pokemon with a team of level 20 pokemon, but you can…

I do understand that you don’t like to play like that but it is what the game was designed for, attacking and defending gyms. It would be great if everybody had the same style of playing. You say you wait X time before taking down a gym well he does too, but only instead of 8 hours his X is 1 minute. It wis in your right to defend a gym with GRB’s but then you would have to do a lot of raids and tasks to have enough to keep it up. If you try long enough he will run out of GRB’s and if you keep attacking him in the following days he won’t have enough GRB’s to make your live impossible. So keep attacking that gym :wink:

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ONLY when you are using good counters though.

Make him waste all his GRBs lol that’s 10 berries per pokemon, if he’s got 2 or 3 accounts thats 20-30 berries per gym takeover. Eventually he runs out and learns an important lesson.

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I thoroughly enjoy this. Someone’s coughing up valuable GRBs so I can boost my # of gym battles won without having to walk to the next gym.


The kind of people who defend gym usually have more Golden Berries than they need to, personally I usually have around 150 and that is very little compare to some people I have met.
Not only that but the more annoying gym defenders I have face off usually have more that one account(some even six), obviously notice by the similar names of the players on the gym, so at the end you lost more potions and revives than they golden berries.

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Yes but those you can get from gifts or gyms/pokestops golden berries are much harder to get…
If you can keep it up they run out of golden berries in the end… but it can be a long time :wink:

There is really only one thing you can do about a player like this - Shun them. (Which really only works when a large number of players in an area feel the same way about the player, so…)

If they show up for a raid, make a Private Raid and don’t invite them in. Don’t become Friends with them. Don’t Trade with them. Ignore them utterly, even if you’re being rude. You are under no obligation to play with players you don’t want to play with.

And don’t take down “their” gym. They don’t gain the biggest benefit of gym defense until someone else kicks them out - so don’t do that. See if you can keep them on the gym for 7 days, 10 days, 21 days, etc. If your area is really annoyed with him, you might even be able to get players on his own team to keep the gym up. (and while it would be against the rules, creating a second account that is on his team, just so you can keep feeding it berries to keep it up would be… a potential option.)

The only other thing you can do is to find out what his Alt name is, then report him for multi-accounting. That’s not a route I’d want to go down because too many players I play with multi-account (sometimes I feel like I’m multi-accounting, when my daughter goes through phases of not wanting to play Pokemon Go and I’m keeping her account going in the meantime), and I don’t want Niantic to do anything that hurts them. But technically, multi-accounting is against the ToS…

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