This effectively needs to be removed

I don’t understand why I am complaining about this but this is easily the most cancerous part of this game.

This is a standalone incident, but sometimes it can happen within 23+ Pokemon IN A ROW and basically eat all of my Pokeballs. I can go from having around 350+ balls of each type to less than 100 thanks to this.

Pokemon SHOULD not be able to attack as soon as the ball comes into contact with them.

Also if you wonder why I am running a Razz + Ultra ball, look at this.


  • Treecko was thrown with a GRB Ultra curve, does not matter, flee after 0 shakes
  • Houndour one great ball, curveball, great throw. Does not matter, same response as the Treecko

Apparently, this happens TOO MUCH to be a 1% chance. It is NOT RNG in ANY regard.

There needs to be some berry that can stop FLEEING once and for all during that catch.


You realize you can throw the ball during the end of the attack animation to bypass this right?


I have no tolerance to do this on every single minor encounter.


Yes, it’s annoying to do so but obviously you could prevent this from happening a 2nd time by waiting for it to strike again…right?


Bad luck or just not throwing a ball right is no reason to use the word cancer like that

A disease that takes the lives of innumerable people and impacts far more is in no way comparable to…a few pokemon running away on you, its not just wrong, but outright disrespectful to anyone affected by that.

If this game causes that much ire in you, just stop playing or don’t throw a tantrum when anything doesn’t go perfectly for you.


I cannot believe this asshat is still crying on pokemon forums. I have been away from gamepress for almost two years.


Niantic: I know, lets make every ball a Master Ball so everyone can catch everything first time. The constant criers will stop complaining and get what they want!

Constant criers: Well, this is boring now. Lets quit and find another game we can cry about instead.


So you’re bad at the game. That’s not the game’s fault. Figure out what you’re doing wrong, or Google how to do it better. Or trudge on the same way but minus the complaining. Or quit the game.


This isn’t the games fault. You truly just have bad timing.

Try throwing a Nanab berry if you can’t be bothered to time your throws out.


You are correct: your complaining is indeed easily the most cancerous part of the game. There are, thankfully, two very simple solutions: 1) grow up and stop blaming machines for your own inadequacies, or 2) rage quit like an impotent child and go find something else to complain about.


No it doesn’t. You just need better timing. Be a bit more patient, wait for it to attack and throw once animation is almost over. I do it with legendary pokemon all the time and it usually catches them.


Well for more that it’s rant in the most pure form I can’t even disagree when every minor pokemom either attacks every 2.1 seconds or I have to wait, patiently for them to attack. I have been waiting over 2 minutes to some urban trash to attack without success, then throw the ball and attacking in that exact moment. While not always, there are times waiting for the attack will also waste your time as you can’t spin, catch and do nothing when you arr stuck in that shitty encounter. This is the reason I never catch horrible pokemons unless they are shiny.

Additionally, I don’t how frequently pokemon you try to hunt run away, some species do higher but still; if they don’t stop runnimg away incredibly frequently, is not all the player fault; the game gives you an error margin in form of apparently low flee chance, a margin that doesn’t respect when it gives you so low chances so frequently.

Overall, this rarely happens me because I learned to wait like a Wobbuffet, use berries and perfectionate excellents to most pokemon, but also because pokemon really respect the flee rate when I fail to catch them with the 1st ball.

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So I saw this post because Google recommended it in my news section. And I had to sign up to say: The replies here are correct and your post is not. It’s very easy to avoid the attacks, just time your throw correctly. If you’re holding the ball waiting for them to attack and they don’t, try releasing the ball(while it’s not spinning) and then picking it up again - that sometimes causes them to attack. I think the action of touching the ball is what initiates the attacks, so if they don’t attack right away after you grab it, it’s probably safe to throw.

I won’t be mean to you, but this is nothing to complain about. It’s one of the only skill-based parts of the game at all. Fighting raids and gyms certainly isn’t skill-based.


Like the person above, I made an account just to say:

Are you serious? This is a joke right? It’s a GAME. Nothing is supposed to go your way 100% of the time no matter what item you use. Just do what LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE do and wait for the end of the taunt/jump then toss…why was this even on google?!

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Theres me thinking I was the only one with this same problem it’s like game is reading your mind of when your going to throw the pokeball lol the starter Pokemon are very bad for it like with mudkip i cant use anything less than a ultra ball to catch it otherwise it will run after 2 attempts with a great or regular pokeball the nannabe berries lowers the chance of fleeing but not by much but yeah very frustrating situation

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The game is engineered to make money. Especially to those individuals with no patience. What is interesting is that it’s a game to encourage you to get out and walk but the rewards are more for catching Pokemon. So it is engineered to use as many balls so you will be forced to buy them. Especially if you live in a rural area where there are not many pokestops or gyms. Take a look in the shop and you will obviously see how the generate money to maintain the game. Most games that are similar to this, stack the odds against you and make you feel that you are missing out. This is how they bait and hook you. Has nothing to do with with skill.