This free summoning luck should be illegal

I’m just sooo happy. I can’t believe what happened actually happened :feh_sothishook:

Yesterday I free summoned Ishtar! She will soon be +4 with the free manual. Despite liking this unit a lot, I never actually pulled for Ishtar, she’s made entirely out of pity breakers + the free manual

So today I got another amazing free summon! I was thinking to myself ‘‘It’s foolish to expect anything, you already got amazing luck yesterday’’ But there she was:

I really adore her art, voice and lines in Feh, she’s just too precious :feh_ilovelucy: and she’s a very interesting unit for AR-D

Anyway, it’s nice to know that the universe isn’t always working against me


Wow lady luck is your side… congrats!

I have a feeling Ishtar might be a resplendent one day too :smiley: