This guy

This guy saw all his friends die just so he could face Archer of Shinjuku (Lv 170) one on one. Archer was barely scratched with only half his shield removed … last turn by him. It was a blood bath, the goddamn ads clinging to life, jalter lily’s NP got mass evaded, Hans failed to heal himself and Chevalier d’Eon … well, Chevalier d’Eon. And so, this guy is the only one left. Alone with a charged NP and a dream.
This guy

And so it starts. With a brave chain, this guy breaks the shield and loses a few evades in the counter attacks. He knows his master does not believe in him and he’s going to show him better.

And Gae Bolg procs, like that, without warning. He just killed him, who cares about numbers ?
Off to the triple guts now. For those who might not know/remember (like me), a full brave chain does trigger only one guts. Annoying when you have only one guy left. Well, it means he now must endure for three turns.
I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember the details well enough to accurately describe how the last turns went, but that was very “well it could hardly have gone better”. last evade(s) get used on standard attacks, a few more hits don’t even trigger the emergency guts. Evade is then back up for the last three attacks.

Once again, Cockroach honored his name.

This guy might actually get gold for that. I did not expect that twist XD


Aaaah, the immortal cockroach at his finest. I grailed him to 90 long ago. Too bad he’s bond 10 too, but that’s what happens when he’s my only “gold” st lancer for a year.


Looks at her Cu lvl 99
That’s what I’m talking about :feh_navarreculture:


The first time I read his NP’s name I read it as “Gay Bold”. Am I alone?


Gay Bulge


I shit laughed when I saw this. Literally. Damn fujoshis…


This is the Dude.

What did I just watch :rofl:

I love how his skills arent even maxed

Oh, the words “he knows his master does not believe in him” are very true.
I knew he could survive hard, but it had never been nearly as meaningful as this time since he’s not much of a damage dealer (and I lack support). It’s probably why I was so shocked when the full health bar turned black with just one hit XD

Max his skills. It helps him to survive with shorter cooldowns.


He’s already 80 for me, first servant I grailed, and incidentally also my first max bonded servant. If I’m not mistaken, he might even have been my first silver servant (either him or Medea). I don’t use him much nowadays since I want to be efficient with bond rewards, but his legacy will remain. Absolute LAD.


Luckily though you can wiggle around that mechanic that brave chains take down only one guts if you throw your NP in the middle. I did that when I was fighting Heracles with Heracles during Nero fest once. Oof that was some fight.

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