This is a massage from ShieldOfWind. "Has Anankos been added to Heroes yet?" (ShieldOfWind life update)

Hi guys!
Remember me? The Anankos guy? Fates Defender Supreme? The Navarre and Caeda lover? Yee it’s me! :feh_navarreculture:

So if you don’t know, I took a good break from FEH and GP in general since last month. Mostly because of life stuff. You can learn more here and with the links within.

But gosh darn it, you guys were good to me and I think you guys deserve to know how my life is going. I doubt anyone cares but here we go!

So first off, I know new updates to the site have come. Like how ‘feh’ needs to be added in emojis for them to work, example :elisad: , or how swear words like ■■■■■■ are censored now. I may have left, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been lurking. I still know what’s going on around here. But as for FEH… not too sure. I know a few more units have been added like Gerik, Tethys, new Hero type called Duel Heroes, stuff like that. But I’ve got no idea what’s happening in the story, tho I do know Book 3 ended so there’s that.

Alright, with that out of the way, lemme explain my life. You’d be surprised how quickly things happen over a months. So I’ve actually been doing a lot better. Haven’t left my craphole of a home yet but we’re still working on it. The move is most definitely happening, it just needs a little more time. As for school, my last report card was straight A’s and B’s so that’s good. I haven’t had one of those in years. No Switch yet, still working on that. But my social life has been doing good, connecting with more friends a lot more on Discord, and I’ve significantly caught up with MLP, my favorite show at the moment. I’m also doing a lot better emotionally, only been really sad on off days, but I’ve been doing much much better. I finished my Senior Project paper which is the hardest part on senior project, so I finally have that off my back! Hobbies like personal writting are still up and running for me, keeps me busy. Finished Binding Blade which was fun and I’m not attempting it’s hard mode! Still yet to finish Sacred Stones tho… Gotta be honest guys, I don’t get the hype for SS, it’s honestly my least favorite FE atm, I have not enjoyed it, even after reruns I haven’t been able to motivate myself to attempt Chapter 13 in Ephiram’s mode and Ive had no desire to even try Erikia’s ><
No hate if you like it but… Imo, it’s a really boring FE and I haven’t enjoyed it’s challenge, it’s kinda been unfair at points. Easiest FE, my ass.
Phew, sorry, had to ramble there for a sec lol.

But yeah, that’s how things are going for me! Do note that this does not mean I’m back. The day Anankos gets added or Navarre and Caeda get an alt is most likely the day I fully return to FEH and GP lol. But for real, just wanted to give you guys an update on my life. I’ll lurk this post for a tiny bit throughout the day, then I’ll probably disappear again lol. But don’t lose faith! I’ll return someday I’m sure, just not… Today lol.
Alright, that’s all. Hope you guys liked this mini, not-really return! :feh_nino:


No, Anankos isn’t in the game yet so begone with you :feh_corrinmug:


Well oof, guess I’ll dip :p

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Hey, thanks man I needed a massage today, my shoulders are all tense

Oh also, welcome back kind of!


Thanks, glad people still remember me -w-


Ib4 everyone just passes by this because it’s a post from me :feh_legion:


Hey you’re back! Good to hear things are going well :feh_hridexcited:


Well, not permanently back. But back nonetheless for a short while. And by that i mean until this post dies lol


Glad things r going well for u. Things have been pretty bad on my side but r getting btr as well. Nice to see u again dude :slight_smile:


Yay! Glad you’re doing better!

And hey! Can’t wait until you return when we get Anankos or a Navarre and/or Caeda alt!


Who tf are u

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No Anankos, and thank God for that. Worst villain ever :feh_micaiahsmug:

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It’s good to hear from you!

Stay well.


Oof, Papa forgot me. Hasn’t been the first time :feh_legion:

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Yes I agree :feh_corrinmug:


I like Ashnard. All “Fk nobility ND shit”.

Formortis is trash tho. Just like Anankos :feh_myrrhthink:

Someone stop this man, I’m bout to go ham :feh_angrynino:


Not Anankos fault he’s not even as good a villain as Arvis’ little toe dipped in honey :feh_lucinasmug:

The one time I decide to come back and I’m already in an argument :eyes:


'tis life.