This is insane! I turned Mon3tr into a freaking Raid boss! Here's how:


Yes! The title says it all! And it’s insane!!!

So, recently I just found out that Skadi’s (The corrupting Heart) Inspire works even on Mon3tr!

And so I got curious: if Inspire works on Mon3tr what else could you add to make this Monster even more murderous?

After reading about some Operators and doin some math (not meth!) I stumbled upon some insanely high numbers!

I mean, Mon3tr already is the most powerful creature you could control!

BUT with the help of Aunti Whislash, Skadi Alter and Swire I managed to (theoretically) turn Mon3tr into an insanely Powerful Raid boss!!!

So, allow me to explain how:
(Besides, all those calculations are with the Operators at Max Lv. And maxed out Skills + Trust Bonus and Skadi Alter using her 2nd Skill all the time!)

  1. Hp:
    Mon3tr has 5433 Hp and since Inspire works on her (Yes! Apparently it’s female)
    Mon3tr should (theoretically) also get Skadi Alter’s 20% Of Atk constant Hp regeneration! (Skadi Alter’s Skill 2 Activated)

That would make 83,6 Hp per second! This might not sound much but after only 10 seconds this would have regenerated 836 Hp! 10 more seconds and 1672 Hp got healed! In half a Minute 2508 Hp!

It takes Skadi half a Minute to regenerate (almost) 50% of Mon3tr’s 5433 Hp!

  1. Atk
    Mon3tr can reach a base Atk of 1402 Atk! Already the highest Base Atk in the Game!
    But this is absolutely nothing compared to what you can amount with a bit of help!

Let’s add Skadi Alter’s Skill 2 (Wish of Burial Beyond the Light):
(At Skadi’s best + Trust Bonus)
1402 Atk + 250,8 Atk = 1652,8 Atk

Now, let’s add Swire’s Talent (Melee Combat Guidance) Atk Bonus: 12% of Atk (12% of 1402 not 1652,8)
1652,8 + 168,24 = 1821,04 Atk

Crazy, right?!? But that’s not all! That would be Mon3tr’s constant Atk stat without activating any temporary Skills!

So, let’s get to it:

First, let’s activate Kal’tsit’s Skill 3 Command: Meltdown (+ 260% of 1402 Atk):
1821,04 + 3645,2 = 5466,24 Atk
(Insert Yugioh Atk Increasing Sound)

This would already be enough to kill Seto Kaiba’s favourite 3 headed Dragon but let’s go and activate the Trap Card “Overkill!”

Or in Arknights case: Swire’s Skill 2: Cooperative Combat
(The Talent is 3 Times as effective, so instead of + 12% Atk we get + 36% Atk):
5466,24 + 336,48 = 5802,72 Atk
Now that is Power!!!
. . .
What? Still not enough?!? Well, why not place Mon3tr on an Active Originium Tile then?
(Not sure how much the Atk increase with those is tho . . . )

Last but not least, let’s look at the . . .

  1. Defense:
    Mon3tr Base: 405 Def

With Skadi Alter’s Skill 2 (60% of Defense):

405 + 157,8 = 562,8 Defense

And now we add Auntie Whislash’s Talent Rebuke (+ 14% Defense):

562,8 + 56,7 = 619,5 Defense

Meh, not too great . . . Let’s change that!

Let’s activate Command: Meltdown again (+ 200% Defense):

619,5 + 810 = 1429,5 Defense

Now that’s more like it! Now we can keep up with the big ones!
But let’s make sure we stay ahead while we are at it:

Activate Auntie’s Skill 1: Motivational Skills (Talent is 3 times as effective, so instead of 14% Defense we get 42% Defense):

1429,5 + 113,4 = 1542,9 Defense!

Now that is hardcore!!! Literally!!!

So, let’s summarize all this:

If we combine Kal’tsit & Mon3tr with Skadi Alter, Whislash and Swire, we get:

A Monstrosity of a Raid Boss with:

  1. 5433 Hp and (theoretically) regenerates half of it’s Hp in half a minute!
    (And Kal’tsit gives even more extra Heals!)

  2. 5802,72 Atk and True Damage no less!!!

  3. 1542,9 Defense!

  4. +8 ASPD (or +24 if Whislash Skill is activated)

  5. Should Mon3tr die despite all this (literally how?!?): Every opponent around Mon3tr gets a 3 Second Stun and 1200 True Dmg

  6. And if that all is not enough: After 25 Seconds everyone’s favourite angry Backbone will be back with a furious Vengeance!!! :fgo_hassanmad:

Holy hell!!! Can anything actually stop this creature?!? :fgo_bblaugh:

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You’re overcomplicating the math, and your atk stat is incorrect

[ ( Base Atk x (1 + Additive Multipliers) + Inspire Effect) ] x Multiplicative Multipliers

Mon3tr Base Stats @ E2LV90

  • Atk: 1402
  • Def: 405

Additive Multipliers

  • Command: Meltdown | Atk +260%, Def +200%
  • Melee Combat Guidance | Atk +12% x 3 = Atk +36%
  • Rebuke | Def +14% x 3 = Def +42%

Inspire Effects

  • Skadi Alter Atk | 445 x (1 + 0.09) = 485
  • Wish of Burial Beyond the Light | Atk - 485 x 0.60 = 291, Def - 263 x 0.60 = 158


  • Mon3tr Atk | [ (1402 x (1 + 2.6 + 0.36) ) + 485 ] x 1 = 6037
  • Mon3tr Def | [ (405 x (1 + 2 + 0.42) ) + 158 ] x 1 = 1543

I’m just gonna assume every misuse of a coma is supposed to be a decimal point - which you can round up btw. I have legitimately no clue how you managed to get 250.8 Atk, there’s just literally no conceivable way for you get that number if you were actually calcing her full atk stat

Never mind I figured it out, you didn’t count potential bonuses or her 2nd talent


With the Skalters potential bonuses and 2nd talent the attack stat should be 5843. The attack of Skalter was multiplied by .6 correctly, but the value wasn’t brought down into your calculation.

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Oh my mistake then, that’s what I get for doing math without any bedrest for nearly 4 days :fgo_derpalot:

Guess all that overcomplication ended up frying my overheated brain :e7_smugbell:

I see, so if you use skills that make numbers bigger then you get big numbers :ak_omoshiroi:


I remember I did this a while back ago :fgo_gudako:

Edit: alright; screw that, those were noob numbers, today’s CC map is perfect for renewing disgusting number


And now imagine if we add that popular buffer! (The one that deals damage to the ones he buffs and needs constant healing) :fgo_buster:

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Meh, mine was probably easier than yours :fgo_oryou:

Oh I wouldn’t call it easier but I’d definitely call it more longwinded

I prefer the word informative! I offered more explanations and information! :fgo_ishtarwink:

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Informative in what way? You didn’t offer any concrete indications on what your data points were apart from Mon3tr being max level, Swire’s potential level was never pointed out and I only inferred it by seeing you calculated using +12%. When you added Skalter’s inspire effect you didn’t show how you got to that number either, in fact you even forgot the passive atk buff she gets with her 2nd talent. Far as I can tell you didn’t really explain anything, all you did was throw out big damage calcs and extend to several paragraphs what should’ve taken two at best.

This proofs to me that you didn’t even bother reading it in the first place!
Because I did explain in the text that the data goes with most Characters maxed out!
But I guess reading is too much of a challenge to you! :fgo_bblaugh:

Most, unless you say actually who and what is actually being maxed you can literally interpret that any number of ways. Apart from Mon3tr who you stated you never said anything in regards to Beatrix or Zofia, and in Skalter’s case you stated

“At her best” implies she fully maxed out, potentials and all which one would assume since you were doing the same for Swire and Wislash. And you still forgot to account for her innate attack bonus

I mean this one line is a testament that you don’t proofread your own work either, if someone missed something that doesn’t infer a lack of reading comprehension, that’s your own poor writing

How about you try again? Oh, but put your glasses on this time! Reading might not he your forte my blind friend! :fgo_ishtarwink:

not gonna enter this conversation as if i know what’s being discussed but i just wanna highlight

idk if it was intentional or not (tho it really seems like it) but imo the way you worded these along with the emojis sounds super condescending ngl and frankly rather rude

sure arcana said something along the same lines but at least they didn’t straight up make it seem like they’re better because of it

please try to keep whatever that is/was being debated as civil as it can be

debates are meant to prove your point, not show who’s superior


I mean it seems pretty pointless by now since it looks like he only intends to insult me rather than address the issues in his writing I’ve pointed out, I mean really making jabs at my visual impairment? I may have poor eyesight but I can read perfectly well, it’s like calling someone terminally ill because they happened to get a cold

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Stop nitpicking about the math. Read the the title of the thread, this doesn’t seem like a thread for math scholars.

Nobody even answered their question:

Emperors blade sends their regards


This is my half-assed high-score:

Kal’tsit S3, Aak S3, Guardmiya S1, Warfarin S2, Whislash S2, (Skalter S2)

I learned that Nian S3 doesn’t actually work on Monst3r, even though it says “Nearby ally units”

I failed Skalter S2 buff both times I tried so there is still room for improvement.

I don’t have Pallas, but at least her skills say “an allied Melee Operator”, so it wont work on summons.


I mean the math was just one point I made in my criticism, most of what I was saying was in regards to how they wrote things

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Finally someone’s making sense! (Unlike a certain someone . . . )
Yes! I freaking hated fighting this Masked guy! He’s just as Terrible as that Originium Gas Phoenix!

Ps: Aak for the win! Still waiting for his return! I love how hilarious and useful he is! :fgo_astartepeek: