This is not a good place to be, Caspar

so i’m doing caspar and mercedes’s paralogue right now and i look at the map to find caspar and mercedes are seperated from the rest of the group. this might not sound too bad, but i didn’t train caspar and mercedes isn’t what you’d call tanky. caspar gets one shot by everything that breathes and mercedes doesn’t have enough speed to not be doubled by everything. this battle hinges on how fast i can get lysithea to warp dimitri over and protect the two of them. i’m scared.


Recommendation. Always train Mercedes and Caspar.

Mercedes has a really freaking good relic (2 actually), and Caspar is the ultimate cannon for axe users (cause he hits like a truck).

Anyway. Yowchers. Good luck!!!


NoSwitchClub still here.

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This is why I’m having him as an adjunct until I finish this paralogue, at least Mercie is a good unit so she’s not gonna be too difficult to have at a good level before I unlock this

This is why you always train all your units. :thinkinglikelukas:

I think at this point,my Mercedes was already a Gremory :tooobin:

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You are wrong. Caspar is a Gauntlet user. 30X4 with a 70% crit rate is too amazing to pass up



i don’t need caspar if i have dimitri.

The ■■■■ is wrong with you
Have you actually used him before? Caspar is a god tier unit.

Why would I use him when every other unit in the game has better stat growths and is just better?

Plus he’s kinda annoying


I like Caspar but good God has mine been Strength screwed. Like Level 26 and only 20 Strength and I used an Energy Drop on him. Aside from Strength, though, his growths have been alright (doesn’t hold a candle to my Ferdie, though, the tankiest dancer ever).

I’m convinced his Strength growths all went to Ignatz who got five Strength ups in a row after I recruited him.

Caspar was one of my best units…
He could literally one round anything. I don’t find him annoying but to each those own

I have yet to use Caspar but his growth rates seem good to me:

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He’s good with both, that much is true. But with an axe, he’s bonkers as well. Either way you don’t loose out on much.

Dunno what growths you’ve been looking at, but his are pretty damn good. Much like Leonie who has insanely good growths but people sleep on her cause they find her annoying. Which is fine, to each their own.

One word:


Like seriously. Spell trivializes every one of those “protect” quests.

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Doesn’t change the fact that he always got only 2-3 stats on level up for me in multiple playthroughs. Too much babysitting required while other physical units didn’t require nearly as much. If he turned out to actually be decent, I’d have used him, annoying or not, but he’s always sucked for me.


thanks for reminding me that i forgot to train flayn, too. the pegasquad (aka bernie, hilda, and ingrid) and dimitri here about to wreck some shit.

In all of my 3 runs, Caspar have been average at best… Hilda being a better glass canon, Raphael/Deude better sturdy axe/gauntlets users.
He was absolutely rng screwed in my BE run, but on the two other he got nice str (still less than hilda) and absolutely average spd with average/bad def…

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Then that’s not a matter of bad growths as you mentioned prior, that’s just bad luck. There’s a difference yknow. :sweat_smile:

Yeah our lucks been on opposite sides of the spectrum. my Hilda is always faster, never stronger, and has less def.

My Caspar is always a beefy monster. High def, high atk, relatively OK speed, but that doesn’t matter when he 1 shots stuff.

Moral of the story. RNG sucks.

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