This is not a good place to be, Caspar

True, In by BE run, Bernadetta got more str and everything else than Caspar…

On a side note : My Ferdinand got god-like in my 3runs… :ferdyfrown:
Coincidence? I think NOT!

See, Hilda has had terrible growths for me. Like level 30 with 22 strength and that was with 4 strength from items

Mine is lvl 19 with 23 str 20 spd 13dex and 15def…
It was the same in my 2nd run though…

That’s how Caspar was for me. I haven’t been leveling him as much this time and his growths haven’t been as good but he still kicks butt

For me Ferdinand is getting screwed over in my VW round. Whilst he did well in CF and BL. However, Sylvain has done well all 3.

And Dorothea has done astonishingly well in all routes. Always high 20’s in atk and mag. Which is rare for a dancer.