This is NOT RNG. (Catch rate should be 100%)


Great ball, curve ball, great throw. I fast catched it and it’s not in my box and vanished, and it’s pretty obvious it FLED.

This is NOT RNG, and I am 100.100% sure that I am not hit by a catch flee ban considering I didn’t catch like, 7000 pokemon in 3 days.

I’m pretty sure some Pokemon are programmed to flee…NO MATTER WHAT.

Hey another post complaining about RNG. You should probably quit the game if you’re complaining over a phanpy


At this point, I’ve lost count of how many of these “This is not RNG” posts you’ve made, but funny enough, every single one of these scenarios is RNG.


98 and 99 ain‘t 100 :man_shrugging:

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We always have the option of not answering. Saying nothing is still a response.

Does is matter if we do or don’t? He’s still gonna keep whining and posting his complaints on here.

It matters because:

  1. We won’t be spending any of our time reading or responding to these posts.

  2. We won’t be feeding the beast. If he wants to post hundreds of single messages that get no replies, well, power to him. And on a discussion board like this, every post and reply is like a vote for the popularity of the subject posted on. So don’t vote for RNG complaints (legit or not).

But I like these kind of posts, specially the answers, with a bit of luck a person will start a debate and write a paragraph or two defending his point of view, and another one that doesn’t want to lose the discussion will respond the same way…is so funny to read the desperate need for winning a debate.

Your first post about RNG on a Phanpy? Proves that your last few hundred have all been caught easily by you. Catch rate is ALWAYS never above 99%, get that.

The Phanpy ran away because it does not want you as its trainer.