Does anyone have a larum in their aether raids defense because she’s the only one I haven’t “encountered” in my heroes list and apparently tactic drills doesn’t count and I really want to remove that question mark


Sorry I don’t… I use all the Micaiahs plus Yune and Sothe and then bonus unit. But I gotta say that pfp is amazing! Dancer Micaiah is the most gorgeous seasonal alt in the game!


Don’t have her, sorry.

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Don’t have her…
Sorry, sis


Don’t have her and don’t know where to find her. Maybe Forging Bonds or Hall of Forms?

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Dancers don’t show up in those modes to my knowledge.

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Ok I forgot she was a dancer been forever since I’ve done the Skill Studies for her.

Wouldn’t she be in a chapter or paralogue map? Or is this the one from the Ephraim banner where there were no maps for them?

I think that one took me a few months, but apparently I found her at some point since I don’t have any more question marks. And no, don’t have her, whoever she is.

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They had a Tempest Trial because Larum’s banner came with the Xenologue that had Lìf and Thrasir. That banner had a Tempest Trail instead.


Alright I just joined Double-Dancer cancer (not that my Defense is really all that cancerous) to help the Larum-less fortunate.


You’re not alone. She’s the only unit to not appear in any PvE modes. She’s not in any of the story chapters, and she can’t spawn as a random unit in modes like Training Tower since she is a refresher.

If you haven’t pulled Larum or have encountered someone using her in AR, Arena, or Grand Conquests, she’ll be staying as a question mark in the catalogue.


You can get her to appear in the catalogue, actually
Just enter this at least once and she should appear


It doesn’t work. I’ve completed every one of the Skill Studies and Larum remains the one unit absent from my Catalogue.


Then use Tandor’s defense.


If she shows up then she’ll surely be Dragonslasher and Disarm Trap fodder for Kaze :feh_inherit:

Wouldn’t be able to get both…

Ah, but this is why you have previously foddered an S!Gunnthra to Kaze and he already has Disarm Trap 1

Omg thank u so much

Vanilla!Azura says hi.

On topic: I don’t have her listed either. Tempted to wait until she gets a focus.

And I’ll keep that cutie. No foddering for that dagger here!

Azura has at least had a BHB – it even reran recently (if only for one day). Larum has nothing.