This is what it means to be a hardcore player in Singapore

The Milotic was returned to me as I was taking down a sixth gym to slot in my Metagross:

Miracles and windfalls do happen:

After trying for months to earn 100 coins in a single night, I finally succeeded!


Technically it’s 2 days and 06:14 is morning, not night :smiley:

What I meant was earning 100 coins (50 coins for that day plus 50 coins for the next day) from taking down gyms in a single night (7pm to 10pm). Of course, the Gyarados had to be placed in the gym before 10pm in order to earn 50 coins.

The same applies for HK too :)

It happens in all high population density areas. I don’t know why, but usually it is more competitive in Asia. I for one know New York City is very competitive too, particularly the Manhattan area. But then, it also has the Central Park where you can find pockets of less traveled Gyms, not to mention winter weather to deter further traveling.

Are you using 24H clock or 12H clock? I can’t tell. If you are truly hardcore, I suggest you do a “seige” session. This is when you log on around the time your Pokemon is most likely attacked and GRB until:

a) You run out of GRB
b) They run out of phone battery or they give up
c) You got “3- Room-ed”
d) The attacker finds you and snaps your phone(s) in half

whichever comes first or comes at the same time.

His phone notification bar shows the 24H clock (see 21:00) but PoGO show the 12H clock (上 and 下 are like a.m and p.m)

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Ah, the “super effective” tire iron defense.