This man needs a build

And I kind of have one.

(Currently at +4 merges, 0 dfs)
Is this a reasonable build? I have a spare Eir I can kill for Mystic Boost, kill a Naesala :morganagrom: for Sparrow while I’m at it. Would it be better to just stick with Desperation though? Hm, maybe if I could get my hands on a Starfish… (I figure with Naga’s existence Splashy Bucket isn’t as special anymore.) Seal could probably be different too. Help?

Edit: This is him currently, if you care.

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I’m sorry gimmicks are all I have.

You’d likely want to run fury (Boring, I know) or Atk/Res Solo in the A slot, I’d think. Desperation is good if you’re planning on one-round player phase nuking with iceberg. But otherwise, Mystic boost is solid and lets him fight dragons. His bulk is decent, so Mystic Boost could actually keep him afloat when fighting physical DC units also. He can also run Null C-Disrupt to fight off pesky sweepers and healers, maybe paired with the Splashy Bucket? :thinking:

Now that Saizo has a refine I kind of want to run them as a pair. (except Saizo isn’t even 5* yet so…) Does that change anything? I was thinking Saizo would be more the physical and EP tank while Kaze would be the PP magic killer.
Unfortunately I don’t have any of the good weapons like Splashy Bucket, Cloud Maiougi, Starfish… I’ll see if I can’t find a Starfish when summer banners come back though.

Why an attack boon? Wouldn’t a speed or resistance boon be more beneficial (speed less than resistance maybe).

Well in that case, you’d probably want to run the Sky Maiougi+ on him.
Saizo likely would be able to take everything but Armors and Healers and sweepers down. So Kaze should prepare for those. So I’m thinking something like this:

The sturdy impact one might benefit more from a speed boon

Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of fodder to kill, I proposed Mystic Boost because I actually have it. Thanks though, I’ll think about it.
I felt like Atk would be best because his Atk is mid-low, could use a bit of help. I think 44 max Spd is plenty personally. Maybe Res? but I’d like to see him killing things too.

oh look. It’s not winter Cecilia. Cute. And inferior.

Yes. Build good. It do things.

WAT Kaze is best dagger
Fight me

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This my Kaze, although, I haven’t given him any premium fodder, but I plan to

Lol actually not, I just thought about that and Mystic Boost and Starfish wouldn’t work great together, Mystic Boost would occasionally mess up Starfish. Hm. :thinking:

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Give him the cleaner, call it a day.

Edit: I’d also run sturdy impact, with joint hone speed.

A big part of what makes Splashy bucket so good is the Mystic boost effect (minus the healing) which means he won’t get stomped by Dragons and could likely run Desperation a bit better, since he can fairly reliably tank anything Res targetting.

If you have Splashy Bucket fodder I’d consider it. Mystic Boost is a good B for anyone running a “take Damage after combat” skill (Like Alm, Atk/Spd Push, etc.).


I agree with this. Mystic Boost is expensive as hell fodder and Kaze is arguably the best choice for Splashy Bucket because his Res is so good.

Since Splashy Bucket takes the important aspect of Mystic Boost for Kaze (the ability to ignore adaptive damage), he is free to run a different skill in his B slot, whether its Desperation, Special Spiral, or whatever you like.

You need a build for Kaze? I got you.

This is with +6 to all stats. He becomes especially good for AR with build, though it would probably work well anywhere. HS!Hinoka might be on this month’s Legendary Banner so you could try and get the bucket then if you want.

Fair enough. I will certainly try to get myself a bucket. That is, if I have any orbs after this banner