This month's legendary hero prediction


Tbh he deserves that or a skill that makes all Res-targeting attacks deal 0 damage.


Vantage unit with no counters



Yeah that, but it’ll probably be Corrin instead.

His Prf weapon will be a dual phase Brave weapon with built-in Urvan attack reordering, Miracle for melee weapons (Hel’s ability but for melee instead of ranged) and Fjorm’s Ice Mirror effect.
His Prf skill will grant Distant Counter + Crusader’s Ward.
Oh and his offensive special will be a stat-scaling special like Draconic Aura but additionally boosted by % missing health.


This just reeks of
Sad thing is I could totally see IS being so terribly unimaginative to do it.

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Hopefully Seliph cause that means I dont have a reason to use orbs besides blue(L!Azura you better come home real quick)


Null C-Disrupt…

I.S. add more of this already

And CC in the common pool


Hardy hearing


I hope it is seliph because then seliph fans will be happy and I can skip a legendary banner

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I’d say Seliph but we just got a Sword last month with Lif so I’m not so sure. So I’m thinking maybe someone like Micaiah instead. But I expect Seliph will be getting one soon.

Pls let her be anything but blue if it is her this month. I don’t want her sharing a color with Lamezura.

Haven’t people been saying she’ll probably be a staff unit?

Maybe, she can canonically wield a staff in her promoted classes. But C’mon this is IS. They could totally pull something disappointing and make her color share with Lamezura.


It’s not like they haven’t had characters with multiple alts that have been the same color before. They fact that Micaiah has 3 alts that are all a different color so far feels like it’s the potentially the more uncommon thing for IS standards?


The thing with Azura is that she’s desirable if you don’t have her but not if you do.

I don’t have her and I want to keep it that way cause I can’t stand her character.

Well I think you’re more of an exception then.

Subcategories! Please set them!

If Julia can get a Legendary alt, so can Sothe. He is kind of a lord, and I have 230 orbs Idk what do with.

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