This old man is still gonna clap some fools (Jagen and now some stuff on Gunter)

Maybe change the bond to a stance though. Give him a rouse too, yeah that’d probably be solid


Okay hold up

  • Atk/def rouse
  • Def/res rouse

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His res is good enough.


I’d suggest getting Def/Res Rouse,as his attack could reach pretty high,his Res is pretty solid but there’s nothing like overkill in that part :feh_rein:,at the same time.he’s a bit lacking in the Defense department.

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My god, that’s amazing! Is he actually yours?

I’ve always wanted to build a Jagen, but there’s not enough feathers to go around :feh_elisad:


You have changed your pfp at least 4 times in the past 30 minutes :feh_berniebulli:

I think he’s still in planning phases for now. :eyes:


It’s how I operate, shush yourself :feh_royyes:

Makes sense. I love the build though! I’ve never seen a +10 Jagen in my entire time of playing Heroes, I’d love to see one invested into as much as this. :feh_legion:


Honestly either Rouse will work. I’d recommend giving him the remaining stance though. So Warding Stance with Atk/Def Rouse or Fierce Stance with Def/Res Rouse. Can’t really go overkill on Res until you start hitting mid-60s, and even then it gives you a more powerful special with every 2 points.

Bonds don’t really work out for the obvious reason of conflicting with Rouse skills. Unless you’re able to get next to an ally, attack(Which this build is definitely EP), and move that ally you’re not going to be making use of both.

Edit: Go with the skills that allow you to buff your most important stat. So if it’s Atk, go with Def/Res Rouse and Fierce stance as you’re still able to buff up your Atk even further. Otherwise if it’s Res, go with Atk/Def Rouse as you’ll be able to hit further into a bulky magic counter.


Looks great :feh_humblecurate:

He’ll like the Mirror Stance seal we get soon :feh_royyes:


I’m actually considering building Jagen up too since I have a Spd/Res Solo I’m not sure what to do with, not to mention a Rouse Atk/Def :feh_rein: I’d be giving up DC though, so I kinda want to give the solo to Camooooooo since Gradivus.
Btw @Banraku (and @Z3R0N3 too)

The build hurts, I know

Got my good boy DC! So now I can start merging him up more :)


Yes do it for the veteran!

I’m keeping Jagens saved up in case he ever gets a refine.


Jagen has a really low amount of speed so I’d highly reccomend not giving him spd/res solo. If I had to be honest, any build with distant ward will be his most optimal build because if he runs DC he just doesn’t have enough defense to make great use out of it, and his attack will be too low. The awesome thing about distant ward is that it gives him DC against what he excels at (which is evidently magic) and grants him +5 to the 2 stats he really needs (atk and res). Basically, any build that utilizes distant ward and focuses on his atk/res will make him good

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Regarding Jagen, I have basically all the fodder I need. All I need are a few more feathers and merges, and I’ve basically got him. Can’t wait for this old beasts refine, really hope it’s gonna be good

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Yeah just realized my mixup with the bonds and rouse. Definitely gonna switch it up, but wouldn’t Jagen prefer the mirror stance we’re gonna get in the upcoming TT over fierce stance?


Ah beast you should bait people less with stuff like this, they’ll actually think that the picture is real and already built and yours


Yes. I wasn’t aware of this TT’s seals so I went with what we had currently so I would go with Mirror Stance as you get 4 Res in exchange for 2 Atk. That being said though, for the poll above I’d still recommend going with whatever you want to get buffed later. Essentially go with whatever so long as you’re able to get all 3 stats boosted to +6. I’m assuming you’re running a Rouse due to not being on a Cav team so whatever fodder comes cheapest for ya.

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Have you seem Z3R0’s Conrad
But yeah, I suppose the solo would be a lot better on Camoo, I need to figure out better builds for Jagen and Gunter both because I really want to build both

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Clickbait? Alright, gimme a bit


If I dont see a Jagen with 100 Speed I’ll be mad