This quarantine really got me on a nostalgia trip

I’ve been playing RD,I’ve started a new binding blade run and now this(Ayra here I come)it’s been so long since I’ve played this.

Have you guys started any new fe playthroughs ?


People out here being Quarantined, while I’m over here still going to work… but you know what I’m fine with it… made over $150 in tips this past weekend


Dragon Quest XI


I’m thinking about starting a fresh playthrough of either Blazing Sword or Sacred Stones. Haven’t played either from start to finish in years. It’s about time I revisit my teen years when I played those games to death on a tiny dimly-lit GBA screen. :feh_legion:

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The memories :joy: lol,my mom bought me a attachable light so I could play at night which I used to stay up late.

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Lol you won’t be alone,I’m on paid leave currently so I’ll be back in 3 weeks

I seen this game a few times,but never played it.

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My mom got me a GBA SP to solve that problem eventually. It still works to this day. :ok_hand:

Of course, the Game Boy Player for GCN renders those old portable consoles as completely obsolete…this is my GBA FE console of choice now, since I play Heroes on the go and I’m not damaging my eyes any more on those GBA screens if I can help it. :eyes:

Hmmm. Nah

Thought about going on with my BL route in 3h but I dunno if I can be bothered

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Also Anthony I kinda wanna build my +Res -Def Larcei but dunno what to do with her


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Finally got a new (used) Wii after I bricked my old one trying to install Project M. Picking up where I left off in PoR so I can finally finish it 3 years later. Then on to Radiant Dawn.

I still have my 2nd ds that I used to play binding blade because the 1st endured so much to the point it would not start anymore,so I’m thankful for this because all my original copies are either lost or destroyed :sweat_smile:

I had started a B.E route with the new DLC applied,but maybe 6 or 7 chapters in and some recruitment grinding IDK if I’m up to finishing it.

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:smirk: Okay ! So are you looking for expensive builds or something basic ?

I’m currently playing FE5 again, at Chapter 13 right now. Been having a good run so far, using some units I had never considered before

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Yeah I’ve done a bit but everything feels so slow and monotonous. I don’t think I’ll finish the route for a while longer

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Expensive,I don’t look into Repel fodder anytime soon

I most likely won’t

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You must absolutely use Mareeta :eyes:

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Waitress? Im sorta like one of those. :feh_bylethsmile: