This sums up most people's summoning sessions

I rather have my pity rate broken by a Hero I don’t want, than going full circule and getting 3 star only heroes (hello new year banners).
At least if I get pity broken I can start saving orbs :sweat_smile::unamused:


I would’ve swap the 3star unit and 5star focus.
What you want is the 5 star focus, you already got the 3star unit!

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What about this one?


The idea is that the man is your summons and he prefers 3 stars than 5 stars :sweat_smile:

Ahaha indeed :joy::joy:
Great meme btw :clap::clap:

Depends, unless you’re sniping for a unit for your merge project, which can only be found in 3-4* pool, then yes. xd