This triggers me every day

Two types of afflictions for every color… If you make your teams based of resistance then one gets left out… Why!? I mean why not 10 teams? What the heck?

I put in a suggestion… Or two…

Does this bother anyone else?

I usually have 1 team of each element with split resistances, 1 for the current event, 1 for the astral of the week, 1 for Rupie/Adv. EXP grind, and 1 for flexible usage

One of each element,
leveling team,
event team,
and two teams of units built for multiplayer content that I basically never use anyway.

It does bother me as well, but there aren’t many needs for a blind resist shadow team as of yet. So that’s the one I leave out.

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Admittedly, we haven’t had a blind resist event yet. So not entirely necessary…
But I run a lot of content solo.

Mine is:
Reds: Sleep/Stun
Blues: Stun/Burn
Greens: Bog/Freeze
Light: Curse/Poison
Dark: Paralysis

…and my blind team is just ass-out. Admittedly, with Gleo and Galex, I mean… it doesn’t even matter anymore.

to be fair, it’s not like there’s blind content at all. Kai Yan is easy enough that it doesn’t make a difference and he applies both statuses anyway.

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I agree, if only they can add an extra slot even thought Blind isn’t something much in the game.

Because of this, I switched things up.

Last 5 spots are mixed affliction per element.

And then, first 3 are: Might Team, Mix and Match Team, Events Team.