This year Lostbelt release prediction

I’m a casual player so I’m not paying attention much with the release date of this year Lostbelt. But as my country currently have Movement Control Order, I have spare time to play Lostbelt 1. So anyone can help me for the prediction date of these Lostbelts?

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LB2 is the most tricky to predict imo. In JP, it was released in the middle of July, before anniversary campaign and GSSR. But NA has its anniversary earlier. In theory, it shouldn’t matter except for the fact that Sigurd and Napoleon, who were introduced in LB2, are added to anni GSSR, so maybe LB2 release will be moved to the end of June?

LB3 should drop in the end of November.


That’s probably the most reasonable expectation, since LB2 need to happen before skadi drops with the 3rd anniversary. The summer rerun would probably be moved to accommodate that.

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The ishtar event tight?

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You mean, is it hard? Not really, afair, since there are some drop items to assist you. But you have to complete both parts to get all Ishtar copies and her ascension mats. Also, drop rates for shop CEs were awful.
You can browse through last year’s guide done be GamePress’ stuff to get the idea.

Also, since it’s going to be a re-run, it’ll be less grindy than the original run.

I think he meant “the ishtar event right?”