This year's GSSR question

With another gssr down the line, I’ve been wondering which side you think has the best pros and cons?

I’ve been thinking of switching it up this year since I always aimed for Calvary class servants for Hope’s of getting King Hassan. But if I do decide on trying the Calvary roulette again, other pros I can see are getting an NP2 Melt, NP2 Ivan and possibly new copies of Arjuna Alter, Kama and Okita alter wheras the cons would be just getting MHX.

Pros for Knight classes would finally getting an NP2 Okita , NP2 Beni and new copies of Musashi, Shiki, and Abgail is all I can see. Con would be Summer BB np2 since I’m okay with NP1 and slapping a Bodhisattva on her.


Option one is a no go for me cause Arthur, Jalter, Sigurd, and Tamamo lancer tbh ngl

Let’s play spot the not-fan of buster lmao


For me it all depends on how the next 3 banners go.

If they good really well: Knights
If they go poorly: Calvary



Outside of a few select art/quick waifus I only really use buster. If I really hated buster I’d have mentioned the worst one out of the bunch: demon king Nobu.

Arthur is bad. Plain and simple. Sigurd is cool but if I had to chose between him or Musashi, I’d want her and she’s straight up outclassed by free shit.

I have way to many buster ST units with class advantage to care about Jalter. I’m whatever on Tamamo lancer and I’m part of the clay gang.

Option one has Musashi, therefore i really don’t want to roll it.

Option two however, has 9 servants i already own and with 9/25 that is 36% chance of something i wouldn’t like.

I am gonna take my chances with the first one, because of its list i only have Ereshkigal and Abigail. It might have a 1/25 chance of me only getting rare prisms but there is also a high chance of someone new.

Can’t go wrong with Sakura faces and Elephant Tyrants

I’d say don’t bother with GSSRs unless you don’t have any of the SSRs there

But I’m biased as an F2P

But that’s probably going to change in August


This tool might help a bit (has all the upcoming GSSR’s):
(It auto generates a tier list including odds for getting what you want):

I’m personally going for the 2nd option but it really depends on your roster and who you want.


It’s probably a really bad idea, but I’m going to try stomping on every chance I get for Gramps, so going with Cavalry. A lot better chance for new servants and nice targets for NP2 too. Worst landmine being NP4 Merlin tho.

Pretty close to reality (should have put Bryn and Edmond a bit lower).
Arthur is cool but i own Artoria and Mordred and Maou Nobu is a lot of things, but good isn’t one of them, but i would rather get either of them rather than any of the bottom three.
My Abigail at NP3 and my Ereshkigal at NP2 already so i don’t want them again.


We only have to wait two years until they separate the banners into cavalry/knight/extra husbandos and waifus.

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So…that didn’t make this choice any easier:

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I’d say go for Cavalry.

The extremes’ odds might be the same but the odds of something yellow or above are better. Also, Knight has 20% chance of something orange or below while Cavalry has 16% instead.


Personally i’m probably going knights because i’m still lacking an SSR Archer, but as people have been saying, it will be depending on how my rolls up until then go.

My only limited SSR’s are Sigurd, Hokusai, Iskandar, Davinci and Shuten. NP2 for any of them wouldn’t be the worst thing, but it would be a bit disappointing.


Looks like cavalry again.

Most Servants who are below NP5 fall into “Nice.”

All NP5s are “Meh.”

For some Servants, another NP level is worse to me than a USO.


GSSR is always a tough choice. I would say go for whatever banner can give you an advantage over whatever class you struggle with most. After that its basically just love or roster completion (provide you have meta supports). Ironically as my roster has expanded its only gotten harder to choose.

Nero Bride is really the only one that I would like as her battery and np charge is just too useful.

Are my main DPS for their class and card type so Extra Np Levels are nice(all currently NP1):

  • Okita, Musashi, Artoria Archer, Ishtar
    (I know Musashi gets outclassed by Ceaser, but I like her and grailed her)
  • Amakusa has an offensive niche as an offensive ruler with buff removal which is nice, plus I dont have him.
  • Jalter I like and grailed so beyond NP 1 is nice

Farmers who Need extra NP levels beyond 1 so I can farm in peace:

  • Dantes and Jarcher

Everyone else:

  • I have at NP2 or greater or someone else already raised who fills their role.
  • Gilgamesh and Moriarity: I have every other SSR Buster Archer I dont need more. Gil is only higher because of his anti servant niche.
  • The Emperor: I don’t have must interest in his niche
  • Nobu: Has a cool design, but is just not good
  • Eresh: I have at NP2, but I like her so NP3 wouldn’t be too bad


Arjuna and Kama are both great. While Im already planning rolling for them extra NP levels would be great.

Servants I dont have, but would like and or are good

  • Reines, King Hassan, Kintoki

Servants who Extra NP levels would really help with their purpose

  • Maid Alter, Murasaki, MHXA, Kiara, Okita Alter, King Protea

  • Melt I just got NP 3 after a random ticket, but is a personal favorite so not bad

NP2 plus isnt really needed when I use them:

  • Nero Summer, Cleopatra, Shuten

I have others that fill their role or extra NP levels arent needed

  • Everyone else

  • Merlin and Skadi really dont need extra NP levels

A side note about Merlin: the big jump in his heal over time is a nice consolation prize if you accidentally get him to NP2+.

It may not matter very often since Merlin himself is somewhat niche for daily play, but it’s a quality upgrade for those odd fights where his NP plays a bigger role.


Probably cavalry for me just cause Reines kama and AA are there.


Hmm that is good know given that Merlin is actually kind of common for me to bring on story missions. Story missions are often mixed class nodes that can be difficult to blaze through with just a NP 1 Dantes and Double Skadi.


well, just based off of who I do/don’t have

have: 15
don’t: 9
unreleased: 1
new servant % chance: 36|40%
uso % chance: 4%

have: 8
don’t: 13
unreleased: 4
new servant % chance: 52|56|60|64|68%
uso % chance: 0%

so cavalry seems like a pretty big no-brainier, by this metric