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When is the next Solo Medb Rate Up?
I tried during Prisma Codes and failed miserably, i had no luck during GSSR and Valentines gave me MHXA.

I’m not entirely certain if she will have a solo day during the new summer events second part or not but if not then it looks to me like you will have to wait for the prism rerun in 2021.

She will have a solo rate-up this August when Dead Heat arrives. She rotates with Xuanzang but Medb’s solo rate-up comes first.

Thanks. But i won’t really have any Quartz by then.
I’ll roll for Lancer Raikou and Saber Fran so i probably won’t have anything left for her

In that case, the next one after that will be during the Interlude campaign in October 2020.

This resonates with me on so many levels.

Prisma? No.
V-Day? No.
Class based? No.

This time she will come home. Working these long weeks so she will come home. In addition to those it looks like she gets a solo rate up next summer and then the Prisma rerun.

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Thanks. I have no interest in summoning Bradamante so i’ll have more than enough Quartz

Thanks. I have no interest in summoning Bradamante so i’ll have more than enough Quartz

I can second that notion - wtf is up with that colleague of Asto’s eyes, even - yet -

Do. Not. Disrespect. The good madame by calling her “thot”. Definitely bad mojo for your slotu machin-rolls.

I’ll take this chance to ask something else.

Does anyone know if we can get the upcoming Medb costume in the next summer event without having the servant? I’d hate to miss the chance of getting it in case i get spooked by Medb in the future.

Possibly but I haven’t played long enough on JP to say for sure. During the Prism rerun I could buy Illya’s costume despite not having her.
Not sure if that is a new feature or if it was added from the start along with costumes.

From what i understand if you do the quest you obtain the right to buy the costume. You will still need Medb but when you acquire her you will be able to buy it